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Subject:Can't find Izotope Effect Rack in Plug ins
Posted by: cow.punk
Date:12/23/2009 2:14:03 PM

I can't find Izotope Effects Racks in plug ins (AP7). I assume this is a VST and I think I scanned for it correctly.... but this is what happened (another prblem), after AP not finding it in the likely folders, I put C/ only (very broad search. After doing this AP7 would get locked up on start up and freeze while searching for VSTs. I came across Peter's explanation (to somebody else) about how to disable automatic scan on start up. So that allowed me to get back in to AP. Here is the error message before I did that though:
RUNTIME ERROR! Program: C;\program files\sony\Acid pro 7.0\sfvtserver.exe

What should I do? Also my system seems to be freezing and crashing alot. My C: drive is pretty full (would this cause or contribute to crashing). Any suggestions or ideas would be very appreciated. Thank you!

Subject:RE: Can't find Izotope Effect Rack in Plug in
Reply by: Adji
Date:12/24/2009 6:39:05 AM

If your C drive is nearly full then you probably have a lot of crap clogging up your system. I am not sure if it is causing the crash but it certainly will not be helping things and is probably why your computer runs a little slowly and unstable.

I am sure someone will be along to give a better explanation soon mate.

Subject:RE: Can't find Izotope Effect Rack in Plug in
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:12/25/2009 10:51:17 AM

A full C: drive is never a good idea. If you haven't changed the Windows defaults, it dynamically allocates a swap file on the C: drive and when the drive gets full it can no longer swap memory and your computer will start doing strange things like running slow and locking up.

You need to delete some junk or get a bigger C: drive. In fact, you should be doing all of your audio work on a drive that is not the C: drive. Your C: drive should only have your OS, programs, and plenty of free space for temp files and a fixed swap file that is 1.5x the size of your real memory.

Also, you should also never tell ACID to scan your entire C: drive for VST's. You should know where you installed your VST's and point to that folder only. The default is C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins but some VST installers pick other places. You should redirect them to the default folder when they do.

Finally, iZotope Effects Rack is not a VST. It's a DirectX plug-in and will be found under the DirectX category of the Plug-In Chooser. So... no need to scan at all.


Subject:RE: Can't find Izotope Effect Rack in Plug in
Reply by: cow.punk
Date:12/27/2009 8:00:24 PM

Thanks for responses. Even before your reply I moved my projects to my E: drive where I keep all my loops and stuff but I'm gonna go through it and get things organized better. Thanks for the help!

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