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Subject:Bus Track Problems
Posted by: Adji
Date:11/28/2009 8:03:35 AM

Just encountered this issue a few days ago and can;t fix it.

So I have buses which tracks are grouped to (drums, guitars, vocals) etc. When I open the project you generally find on the mixer all of your tracks from left to right
MIDI tracks, Audio Tracks, VSTS, FX Buses, Buses and then Master bus.

This is not the case, for some reason my buses are on the right hand side of the master bus and they cannot be moved. They can have effects and stuff added to them but if I press B to bring up the bus tracks along the left (so I can add some of the signal to the reverb bus) they do not show up, just an empty space where they should be. Strange.

Anyone encountered this issue?

I have deleted the buses and re-added them, but some are still appearing on the right of the master bus after a few opens of the project.

I'm using ACID Pro 7.0c

Subject:RE: Bus Track Problems
Reply by: Adji
Date:12/6/2009 3:28:46 PM

Any ideas dudes? It is still happening.

Subject:RE: Bus Track Problems
Reply by: inocmusic
Date:12/7/2009 7:30:40 PM

I have had this exact same problem just today

I clicked show all and the extra busses were to the right of the master bus and did not show up in "show bus tracks"
I was not able to drag the Master bus to the right of them but I found if I dragged the busses to the left of the insert effects busses they stayed put, anywhere else they would not stay.
After I did this they showed up normally in the "show bus tracks" once again

Subject:RE: Bus Track Problems
Reply by: inocmusic
Date:12/16/2009 7:32:33 AM

Wanted to Bump and add to this

I am now finding when this happens if I then try to delete any audio or effects busses it causes ACID Pro 7 to crash

Problem flows as follows

1-open new project with a single master bus and save
2-record tracks and save
3-Add some effects busses to send tracks to and save
4-add some busses to route specific tracks for processing to and save
5-add 4 busses to route outputs for summing and route tracks to these busses and save

somewhere between step 4 & 5 the busses get messed up and some of the busses get placed to the right of the master bus, show bus tracks no longer shows the bus tracks on the screen to draw automaion (Can still record automation with the faders)
am now no longer able to delets FX or Audio busses from the projec either by right clicking and selecting delete or by changing the bus count in the project settings


Subject:RE: Bus Track Problems
Reply by: fjk1138
Date:12/22/2009 8:54:24 PM

I am also having this same problem.

I have 4 bus tracks + the master showing in the lower right with the meters.

When I go to View/view Bus Tracks all it will show me is an FX 1, which I have no idea how that got there, but it does not show any of the other bus tracks in the time line.

If I try to delete the FX1, it locks up Acid. If I try to add or do anything to it, it locks up also.

Oddly enough, if I kill Acid with the task manager, restarting Acid does not attempt to recover the file I was working on, but thankfully after several crashes and restarts nothing appears to have corrupted the song.

Message last edited on12/22/2009 8:55:09 PM byfjk1138.

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