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Subject:Level / Pan Wierdness
Posted by: rictheobscene
Date:11/25/2009 6:16:32 PM

I am pulling my hair out over this one.

I am using Acid Pro version 7.0c

I am not sure how to classify this problem. so I will describe it and hope it makes sense.

I start a new Acid project.
I drop a VSTi into the project (doesn't matter which one, I have tried over 20)
I create a MIDI track to play the VSTi
No matter what I do, the right channel meter is roughly 3db higher than the left channel on both the instrument track, and the master track.

I have no effects in the project at all.

I have checked the pans on the instrument and the tracks and they are all dead center.

My audio interface is the ASIO box built into the Roland SH-201.


My master fader has the left and right channel set to the same level.

Does anyone have any idea about what could cause this?


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Subject:RE: Level / Pan Wierdness
Reply by: rictheobscene
Date:11/26/2009 4:21:09 AM

Figured it out.

Subject:RE: Level / Pan Wierdness
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:11/26/2009 5:13:40 AM

> Figured it out.

So... what was it? Pan settings on the software mixer for the Roland SH-201 itself? (that would have been my guess) ;-)


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Subject:RE: Level / Pan Wierdness
Reply by: rictheobscene
Date:11/26/2009 5:25:37 PM

No, actually, it was kind of an odd thing. I was adjusting the levels on the channel by typing in the desired level at the bottom of the fader instead of using the fader itself. When I adjust the volume with the fader, no problem. I type it in, no dice.

I am probably the only person in the world who adjusts levels that way.


BTW - the SH-201 doesn't have an internal mixer. It is really bare bones. I am hoping to upgrade my audio interface soon. However, I had to sell most of my gear to pay off the medical bills I accrued after close to a year and a half in the infirmary. So, I am slowly rebuilding.

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Subject:RE: Level / Pan Wierdness
Reply by: pwppch
Date:11/27/2009 9:19:57 AM

On what channel are you typing in the value?

The MIDI track? The Soft-Synth bus? The master bus?

I am not able to reproduce this - though I have found a problem with typing in values for MIDI track volume on the mix console. Typing the value in at the Track Header on themain time line works in all cases.

Exactly what type of MIDI data are you sending to the soft-synth?


Subject:RE: Level / Pan Wierdness
Reply by: rictheobscene
Date:11/27/2009 6:38:13 PM

Hi Peter:

Thank you for having a look at this.

I am typing it on the soft-synth bus, at the bottom of the channel on the mixer window. I have my mixer as its own window running on a secondary monitor.

The MIDI Data is note on / note off.


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