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Subject:MIDI playback while recording?
Posted by: Tech44
Date:4/14/2001 1:53:58 AM

Aside from the "register every time you open it" bug and
the crash on load of .acd file bug in the ACID 3.0 Beta, I
must say I am highly impressed with how it looks to be
shaping up. The MIDI inclusion is also spectacular. For
me to be completely sold on it, however, I think that MIDI
playback while recording is essential. I know that ACID
is .wav-based, but to be able to record from my external
synth while ACID triggers it via MIDI would be crucial. I
just got my first synth (CS2x yah!), and am looking for a
good sequencer for it. As a lover of the Sonic Foundry
line of products, I would prefer to find my solution here.
Is this a feature that could be added? Or have I missed an
option somewhere?

Subject:RE: MIDI playback while recording?
Reply by: Tech44
Date:4/14/2001 2:04:24 AM

Disregard... stupid Windows mixer... =)

Subject:RE: MIDI playback while recording?
Reply by: pwppch
Date:4/14/2001 2:17:07 AM

You can play MIDI while recording.

Check your configuration.


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