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Subject:Plug-in Chooser
Posted by: Exuding Dudeness
Date:9/5/2009 10:10:30 AM

I downloaded the demo version of acid 7 music, in the plug-in chooser on the master volume there was a plug-in for pitch shift that I loved. I purchased the full version and the pitch shift plug-in is gone - along with a bunch of other plug-ins that were in the demo version.

My Question - Where do I get the plug-ins that were in the demo version and are not in the full version? I am feeling duped and dissapointed in my purchase.

Subject:RE: Plug-in Chooser
Reply by: Adji
Date:9/6/2009 11:18:22 AM

Hey man, not sure which plug-in you mean, I have never seen it either, but..
Acid has a pitch shifter built into that is pretty good. Right click on your piece of audio (im not sitting with ACID in front of me atm so doing this from memory) scroll down and it should say pitch shift about half way down the menu I think. Then just click to raise or lower it, this can only be done in semi-tones/ I think you can also press something like SHIFT COLON and PLUS sing to increase it on semi-tone.

Subject:RE: Plug-in Chooser
Reply by: shakey
Date:9/9/2009 4:16:17 AM

I think the one you mean is part of the pack you get with acid pro, you might be able to purchase it seperately in an fx pack, just speculation by the way, but I have it with my acid pro so I presume that is the reason.

to pitch shift a sample, track or midi clip by semitone, just use the +/- keys, or ctrl +/- for octave pitch

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