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Subject:A job well done!
Posted by: cyberbeat
Date:9/3/2009 2:18:56 PM


Just wanted to publicly congratulate Sony and the developers on a fantastic release of Sound Forge 10. What an outstanding product!

I purchased the download version the other day and installed it with only a minor issue which was caused by having an older version of Windows Media player installed on my machine. (Perhaps the version of Media Player that is needed could be included under 'System Requirements' in the release notes?) Anyway, I upgraded WMP and then the installation and registration process went very smoothly.

I must admit that I had been extremely unhappy with version 9, so I decided to stick with version 8 up until now. However, the stream-lined interface is awesome and it runs almost as fast as version 8 does on my XP machine. Oh yeah and thank you for bringing back the Mix/Paste feature! This was one of my biggest complaints in version 9 and it's great to see it back the way it was in the past.

I've been using the program for several hours at a time and haven't had a single crash or found any bugs. Great work, Sony!

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