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Subject:Beatmapper suggestion
Posted by: shakey
Date:8/26/2009 9:39:02 AM

The new elastique audio stretching is absolutely brilliant, easily equal if not better to protools. However, the beatmapper is only useful if your audio is perfectly in time and does not waver from a tempo. I have just recently finished preparing a live set which contained some remixes of old tv themes, some of which had very loose timings. To get them synced up in order to put drums over the top, I had to go through this process.

Use the beatmapper to stretch the tracks to the rough tempo of the set.

Export the track as audio

Load into sonar, and enable audiosnap

This will then detect the transients, which I can then stretch into their correct positions on the timeline by dragging the transient markers.

Render as audio

Load back into acid

The track is now synced to the beat

As you can see this is quite a convoluted process. If there was transient detection built into the beatmapper, and I was able to stretch individual beats to their correct positions in acid, this would not be necessary. This would also avoid the obvious degradation of the audio caused by timestretching it twice.

It would also be very useful to add an option to use sliced segments, not stretched. This would allow you to beatmap a drum loop and quantise it without degrading the quality by timestretching it. This would mean I could chuck drumloops into acid without slicing them in recycle first, and just slice them in acid. It is possible to use sliced segments in loop mode, but the graphics engine does not update the waveform on the clip to the quantised audio. This makes editing it very difficult because you can't see where the hits actually are.

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