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Subject:mixer window issue AP7
Posted by: guitacid
Date:8/6/2009 5:11:01 PM

My mix console has disappeared and managed to implant itself into my latest project. It looks like it's been added as a new track and it's named itself "Master". It's wierd. I can't delete it. Any attempt to regain the console using "View" is not working either.

The Explorer window is still fine though and remains dockable.

Any ideas?


Subject:RE: mixer window issue AP7
Reply by: pwppch
Date:8/7/2009 11:43:37 AM

It sounds like you have the Bus Track's ruler open. Type "b" or select "Show bus tracks" from the View menu.

Mix Console View:
So, selecting View | Mix Console does not make it appear?

Are you sure it is not minimized all the way to the left or right of your dock window area?

It may have moved off screen and you can not see it. (Do you have one or two monitors?)

To get back to all defaults you can exist ACID. Before you launch ACID, hold down the Shift and Control keys. You will see a dialog asking if you want to reset all ACID Pro preference. Click Yes, and ACID will be restored to a know start up state. You will loose any custom settings you have made, so you will have to reset things to your liking.


Subject:RE: mixer window issue AP7
Reply by: guitacid
Date:8/7/2009 4:36:29 PM

Thanks Peter.

I solved the bus tracks issue after seeing a previous post.

Reset to the defaults and back came the Mixer. Cool.

Have only one monitor at the moment but two is definitely on the cards.


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