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Subject:Master Fade
Posted by: islandsupport
Date:8/1/2009 4:42:05 AM

I am ending a songwith a continous loop that has 17 channels in it Is there a way to have the loop, loop ten times and then fade out, I've tried a volume envelope, and an automation on the master but the loop just keps repeating

Subject:RE: Master Fade
Reply by: Adji
Date:8/1/2009 6:11:45 AM

Do you master your tracks in something like SoundForge? If so do it there.

If not,
Press B and up will pop all the bus tracks along the side.

Try using the automation again, right click along the master track, insert volume envelope. Try it that way.

If it still doesnt work for some reason you could export the track in a high quality, re-import it into a new ACID project and then apply a fade to that track. The automation thing should be working though.

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