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Subject:Registration and Track FX questions
Posted by: random_id
Date:3/12/2001 3:36:23 PM

I just downloaded the SF 5.0 package and I had two
questions that I hope someone has the answers for...

The first question is regarding registration. I currently
installed SF 5.0 on Windows 98se. I am planning on setting
up a dual boot with Win2000. If I do, I will have to
reinstall SF 5.0. Do I then have to re-register online and
if so, is there a certian "limit" to the amount of times I
may do this? I am a pessemist with my computer so all I
can think is, what if I get another hard drive, what if a
virus wipes out my computer, what if....

The other question I have is with the track effects plugins
that came with Vegas LE. In SF 5.0 and Vegas LE, the
plugins work fine, but in other audio apps the plugins show
up as DEMO and are not functional. I clicked on "about"
and it said that the effects are registered to me, but they
do not work. Is this a result of the LE, or are my plugins
inproperly installed? The XFX and the express??? plugins
work fine.

Subject:RE: Registration and Track FX questions
Reply by: Ted_H
Date:3/13/2001 2:56:30 PM

You can install the software as many times as necessary.
If you get a new computer or hard drive or have an
encounter with a virus, you can just register again. What
program are you trying to access the Vegas effects in?


Subject:RE: Registration and Track FX questions
Reply by: random_id
Date:3/14/2001 4:56:59 PM

Thanks for your response.
The program I was using was n-track. I opened the plugin,
but it showed it as a demo version. The sound wasn't being
processed at all by the plugin. I tried reinstalling Vegas
LE, but the same thing happened. I also thought that maybe
it was n-track, since the Track Effects worked fine in SF
5.0 and Vegas. Thats when I used Analog-X DXman to look at
the properties/info for the Track Effects, and it also
showed them as a demo version.

Subject:RE: Registration and Track FX questions
Reply by: Ted_H
Date:3/15/2001 11:27:50 AM

If you uninstall and reinstall Sound Forge, this may fix
the problem. Please e-mail me directly if it does not.


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