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Subject:2-Part Question
Posted by: Prbiv
Date:7/8/2009 4:28:42 PM

1. I record vocal projects. When rendering the project, how do I know whats the best quality for CD, Internet, etc. When I render the tracks they sound so much different than when playing in Acid.

2. I usually keep 1-3 tracks up in a project. The first is the music track, the second is my vocals and the third, my back-up vocals. Thats all the tracks I want saved on my harddrive, but when I go look in the Acid music file, it saves tons of tracks I dont need. And, I do delete unused tracks within my project, but somehow multiple unused tracks get saved and fills up my harddrive.


Subject:RE: 2-Part Question
Reply by: Prbiv
Date:7/9/2009 2:05:50 PM


Subject:RE: 2-Part Question
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:7/9/2009 2:55:09 PM

CDs are stereo 16 bit 44.1KHz. Render a .wav file at these settings to burn to the CD, or burn directly from ACID without rendering first.

The most common format for the internet is MP3 stereo at 128Kbps. This should sound fairly decent. When you render to MP3 go to the custom settings window and slide the quality setting all the way to the right for highest quality.

For your second question i think we need to know more about your workflow. When i record, i get a file for each time i press the record button, more or less. Why do you have "tons" of files and where did they come from?

Subject:RE: 2-Part Question
Reply by: Prbiv
Date:7/9/2009 7:32:22 PM

Dude....tks a ton for the information!

To answer your question, I hit record, sing a track and either keep it or delete it. I usually do this multiple times for each song, so I hit record a lot. I keep the same track up, but i delete the wave form, which i assume is the recording and i keep using the same track over and over (delete, sing again, delete, sing again). So what I'm thinking is when i delete the waveform part of it, it's still keeping the file on my harddrive. Not sure..tks again.

Subject:RE: 2-Part Question
Reply by: runman
Date:7/9/2009 10:21:04 PM

Same problem here, Although not with recording. It seems ap7 saves every file that's been used in a project, even if it was not used and deleted. I have a 53 track project that loads 108 files when opened make a coffee and come back scenario, and it will ALWAYS keep asking where the deleted files are, every time you open the same project, I don't understand the benefit to this idea at all.

Subject:RE: 2-Part Question
Reply by: Adji
Date:7/10/2009 4:43:02 AM

Hey Prbiv,

Deleting the audio waveform from the track does not delete it from your computer. It only removes it from the project.
Unless youve specified a destination for your audio to be recorded (which you should start doing) the default location should be somewhere is my documents / ACID pro/ Recorded audio or something similair to that if i rmember rightly.

Subject:RE: 2-Part Question
Reply by: pwppch
Date:7/10/2009 8:41:20 AM

Removing media from the time line does not delete the file. This could prove disasterous for undo/redo and what if you simply deleted an event/media/clip by accident. OUCH!

You should look to a track's clip pool for clean up. Yes, this is a manual thing because we want you to make the final decision. If ACID went of and deleted things with out you knowing about, we would get yelled at big time. Even if we offered a preference to do this automatically, we would be getting tech support calls/emails wanting to know how to recover lost media because it was deleted automatically.

So, locate the clip in the track's clip pool, right click on it and select "Remove from project and delete file(s)". And do it knowing that YOU made the choice to delete the file, not ACID.


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