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Subject:An error occurs...too often
Posted by: gunga
Date:6/29/2009 9:36:11 AM

I've contacted support 3 times about this issue, which happens regularly, but not consistently. It happens when a .acd, acdbak, or autosave file is loaded.
As of now, I think it only happens with files that originated in AP6, but they all have been saved in 7.
At the end of the load, this error window appears:

An error occurred during the current operation. An exception has occurred.

ACID Pro 7.0
Version 7.0c (Build 653)
Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x00030000 IP:0x00848B97
In Module 'acid70.exe' at Address 0x00400000 + 0x00448B97
Thread: GUI ID=0xB54 Stack=0x000A7000-0x00130000
EAX=00030000 CS=001b EIP=00848b97 EFLGS=00210206
EBX=008a6196 SS=0023 ESP=000a7440 EBP=000a74c4
ECX=00000000 DS=0023 ESI=00000000 FS=003b
EDX=008a670c ES=0023 EDI=0000030c GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
00848B97: 85 00 EB E9 CC FF 25 9C ......: 84 85 00 FF 25 A0 84 85 ......
Stack Dump:
000A7440: 001730F0 00150000 + 230F0
000A7444: 006A3941 00400000 + 2A3941 (acid70.exe)
000A7448: 031CCBC4 03150000 + 7CBC4
000A744C: 090BF5E8 08720000 + 99F5E8
000A7450: FFFFFBEE
000A7454: 0064900F 00400000 + 24900F (acid70.exe)
000A7458: 00000000
000A745C: 00000000
000A7460: 0000030B
000A7464: 00000035
000A7468: 0000030C
000A746C: 00000083
000A7470: 00000639
000A7474: 00000000
000A7478: 3E6C0000
000A747C: C211F077
> 000A74C0: 1738DC23 16C60000 + 72DC23 (Battery 3.dll)
> 000A74C8: 006A3388 00400000 + 2A3388 (acid70.exe)
000A74CC: 02010CB2 01E70000 + 1A0CB2
000A74D0: 090BF5E8 08720000 + 99F5E8
000A74D4: 090BEAA8 08720000 + 99EAA8
000A74D8: 00008000
> 000A74DC: 00A89C59 00400000 + 689C59 (acid70.exe)
000A74E0: 00000000
000A74E4: 00000000
000A74E8: 00000000
000A74EC: 00000001
> 000A7540: 00A89C59 00400000 + 689C59 (acid70.exe)
000A7544: 00000000
000A7548: 00000000
000A754C: 031CCBC4 03150000 + 7CBC4
000A7550: 00000000
> 000A7564: 006A3532 00400000 + 2A3532 (acid70.exe)
- - -
0012FFF0: 00000000
0012FFF4: 00000000
0012FFF8: 00849401 00400000 + 449401 (acid70.exe)
0012FFFC: 00000000

Fine. Then this Application error window:

The instruction at "0x10e45486" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The memory could not be "read". Click OK to terminate the program.


I'd appreciate any help. I'm enjoying the stability of Ableton Live, but would prefer to continue working some of my projects in Acid Pro. I did pay for it!!!


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Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:6/29/2009 6:43:37 PM


Looks a Battery problem (Battery 3.dll) is referenced and is the only other thing in here that's not an Acid file.

So - what's going on with Battery? How are you using it in the project. And - if the files originated in AP6 and you are trying to run them in 7 - that may be part of the problem as well.

What version of Acid are you using - and what version of Battery...?

For what it's worth I have found Battery to be a complete PITA instrument if there ever was one. Not to let Acid off the hook - it should at least try to error out more gracefully but that particular NI product has a history of not playing well at all with other hosts. I dumped it long long ago - there are so many other better options.

I guess another question would be - if you have ACID Pro 7 - what the heck could you possibly need/want Battery for anyway? I mean Acid does everything Battery could ever do and way way more....

Update when you can.


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Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: gunga
Date:6/29/2009 7:11:16 PM

Battery in this other error instances, some other .dll....or just Acid gets referenced.
I'm using freshly installed AP 7.0c
I don't get the Battery comments...I use it as a drum this instance I played it with pad controllers to create a midi track, no big deal. Again it's the first time that the error report mentions it.

Anyway, thanks for looking at the may well turn out that my version 6 files are glitchy in 7, but again the errors happen inconsistently though frequently.
I saw nothing of this in the knowledge base or forum archive.

I will slog on a bit more...hoping I won't have to throw my lot in with Live.

Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:6/30/2009 6:38:20 AM


I would troubleshoot this from a "new/old" angle. Recreate as closely as possible - one of your AP6 projects in AP7 clean. If the error goes away then you are on to something.

Regarding the Battery comments - when you get a chance - fly on over to the NI forums and have a read - won;t take long to see that it is not the most stable of VSTi's...but if you are getting other VSTi's showing up crashing in the same way - via the identical AP6 projects coming into V7 - then it's looking more and more like an Acid problem...which the Sony crew will need to look into.

I have to be honest - I have never tried bringing a project across versions so I cannot bring any real world experience to tracking this oddity down. That being said - I am ceratin that you are not the only one bringing AP6 projects into AP7 with these common VSTis'....if there was an glaring issue with this, I am sure it would have been reported widely well before we got to 7.0c...

Maybe Peter or other Sony devs can comment further.



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Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: gunga
Date:6/30/2009 7:41:43 AM

I thought I had it. Last night I worked for a couple of blissful hours with no errors. I had my external hardware controller off, and so thought that was the problem.
This morning, am plagued again with the exception error.
I'll move on to another problem in another thread for now

Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: ForumAdmin
Date:6/30/2009 4:30:39 PM

I believe we have experience with the issue you are reporting gunga, but it isn't possible to be certain from the information you have provided due to the nature of the problem.

Allow me to restate what I believe you are seeing for my own understanding and the benefit of ACID forum community:

You have one or more ACID 7 projects that load fine sometimes but other times ACID crashes on project load.

The issue that we are aware of that most closely resembles your report is elicited by project that contain key or time signature markers that do not have a tempo associated with them.

The ACID Engineering team has characterized this issue in detail. The root cause is a bug in converting between musical time (measures:beats:ticks) and "normal" time (seconds, etc.). This can cause all manner of bad behavior including a crash similar to the details you have provided. We have corrected the root cause, but have unfortunately not yet released an update that includes this fix.

However, there is a workaround which will allow you to continue to work on these projects without fear of crashing on project open. If you assign a tempo to every tempo/key/time signature marker you should be able to open these project reliably. The tempo does not need to change, but must be defined for each marker.

I hope you will report back that the workaround "fixes" your issue. If it does not we will be in contact to attempt to further analyze your problem. We will also check to make sure our Technical Support team is aware of this issue and the workaround for the future benefit of the ACID user community.



Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: ForumAdmin
Date:7/1/2009 8:57:21 AM

This post appears to be the same problem I have described. Cross linked to give the forum community an idea of some of the other manifestations of this bug so that the we may be able to help each other recognize the problem and apply the workaround.



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Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: gunga
Date:7/1/2009 9:51:17 AM

Thanks...I think I've found a firm footing again.

My project indeed had 5 time signature changes and one tempo change, and when I managed to get an instance open, I added tempo markers to each, as recommended, and saved as a new name.
Since then I have been trouble free, though the unchanged instances are still glitchy, so your suggestion looks to be correct.
I have also stopped using my Novation Remote Zero controller, which may have added to my problems.

I'm just happy to be working crash free for the time being. I have a lot of catching up to do. AP is a blast when it works!!!

Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:7/2/2009 5:42:17 AM

My project indeed had 5 time signature changes[i/]

Well - there you go. Again - I have never inserted different time signatures into my projects so I would have never ever come across this oddball bug.

Glad you found some information on what's happening.



Subject:RE: An error occurs...too often
Reply by: Adji
Date:7/4/2009 1:05:26 PM

This workaround deifnitly solves it, what a strange bug?

Thanks for the fix.

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