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Posted by: Bremen Cole
Date:6/19/2009 7:47:19 PM

Most music forums have music posted by the folks using that software. This seems to be a pretty uptight forum. Little or no interaction between members, and mostly negative "it's not working" posts. That's all good, but still it would not hurt anyone to lighten up a bit....

I have completed two pieces in Acid, and have them posted at . Plague of Doubt and Blaze are both done in Acid. Listen, and then feel free to post links to some of your work.

I do this for fun. I do music for the sake of doing music. I compose things that the vast majority of the human race have no interest in. That's fine with me. I am "out there" and accepted that long ago. I find Acid to be an excellent composition tool. The funny thing is, I seldom use loops!

That's right, I use perhaps a couple of loops per song. But, in the creative process I use the loops as place holders. As an idea comes together, I replace the loops with original material. And even then, I seldom use any loops but drum loops. And often mix them up (chop) to make them my own. There are plenty of issues with Acid (especially in XP and on an AMD computer) but I really like it. The work flow is "there" for me, and it just feels right.

Most of my work is in midi. I use only softsynths (VSTI) so no hardware. I have a laptop and a desktop set up identical (at least for the music software) and move back and forth between with a USB jumpdrive as the project folder. Nothing special really, but it works for me.

So what kind of tunes do you folks make? Share a link, I would like to listen!

Subject:RE: tunes
Reply by: feign
Date:6/19/2009 7:53:54 PM


In my opinion, this forum is meant for discussion of the software, including gripes and people helping each other out with technical problems. Acid Planet is the place to go to discuss music. In fact, I'd hate to see this forum become cluttered with discussions of the music. There would be too many posts to wade through. I come here for technical issues only, and I think most others have gotten used to coming here just for software and hardware issues.

I use Acid to produce soundtracks for animation projects, using 90% loops. I love using it.

Subject:RE: tunes
Reply by: Bremen Cole
Date:6/19/2009 8:09:55 PM

I understand what you are saying. But with a half a dozen or so posts a day, it comes off as a dead forum. Which makes it feel like a dead product. Go to the Reaper forums, the FL forums, the Orion forums, Cubase, Sonar, Live, etc and you will see an active community. Tell me, where is the active Acid community? Don't tell me Acid Planet, most folks there don't even use Acid.....and it is in fact a dying forum as well.....

Many post to "wade through" is certainly not a problem here.

Subject:RE: tunes
Reply by: lofreequency
Date:6/20/2009 10:03:19 AM

Nice thought, Bremen. :)

Actually I agree with the tone of the place. I was thinking the same as you the other week and was tempted to start a "what are you doing with Acid" thread, because yeah, this place has a very negative tone most of the time. Actually, I'm really giving Reaper a workout right now and their forum is a huge plus. (hope that's OK to mention here)

Anyway I'm recording the progressive rock band I'm in with AP7 at the moment. I can't share any of the recordings just yet. But I do have a few solo electronic type tunes I've created over the years (hoping to complete a CD shortly). I've set a couple of them to video too...also done in Vegas.

Probably best accessed via my blog.

"Big Birds and Mother's For Peace":

A handful of older pieces and another video "Tutelary Behavior":

I'd also like to thank Peter for volunteering his time. If not for his efforts here. this forum would really be ghost town.

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Subject:RE: tunes
Reply by: Bremen Cole
Date:6/20/2009 12:41:49 PM

Listened to shortwave Iraq and listening now to Tutelary. Nice stuff! I like the added creativity using shortwave sounds and news. Also look forward to hearing the band. I am not a huge prog rock fan, but I do like it and of course have tons of ELP tunes :) I also like some prog rock that gets over on the goth side a bit.... for example I am a fan of "Kamelot", which I consider having many prog rock elements. Anyway.... good and interesting stuff!

And a huge +1 to the thanks to Peter. He does an excellent job and brings solid info and life to the forum.

Also lofeequency, I actually have a license for Reaper. But, I just can't get into it. I try every time there is a version change (now version 3) and keep it on the hard drive, but it just does not fit me. But if you are mainly recording audio (like a band) then I can see the attraction. It is very stable program and does audio well. I know many use it to record their bands.

Just finished Tutelary, I like it. It is what I consider a perfect ambient piece because it kept my interest. Most ambient I simply stop listening, even though it continues to play. Interesting stuff.

Edit: Just went to your photography site, and saw some Opeth photos... and yes I am a fan of Opeth... have everything they have done....... anyway.....

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Subject:RE: tunes
Reply by: lofreequency
Date:6/20/2009 2:35:25 PM

Thanks Bremen!

Plague of Doubt - very Nine Inch Nails, whom I like very much.

Blaze - very interesting too. Like the spoken work additions and driving arppegiated elements.

Keep up the good work. :)

Regarding Reaper, I've only had it for a month and have yet to do any serious multi-tracking, but I do like the look and feel. It seems to play nicer with some of the VSTs I have. The routing capabilities are very deep. I know Acid a lot better and have been a user since 2003 (?) and am quicker with it so that's a plus. So the verdict is still out whether I'd switch totally, but can perhaps seeing using either/or depending on the project at hand at this juncture.

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