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Subject:RE: guitar combos
Posted by: ohmayamusic
Date:6/12/2009 7:50:42 AM

Two possible things you can do:
Make sure you installed the .dll file for the Guitar Combos into the VST folder that Acid scans, otherwise it will not find it. You can copy the .dll into the VST folder if it's not there
You can also find what folder the Guitar Combos .dll file is in and add it to the folders in the PLUG IN MANAGER that Acid scans.
Go to the plugin manager tab or click VIEW>PLUGIN MANAGER. All the way on the right there will be an icon that when you rollover it will say CONFIGURE VST. Click ADD and add the folder address and then hit SCAN. Or, if you copy the .dll into the existing VST folder, just choose the folder in the list and hit SCAN> It should show up!

Subject:RE: guitar combos
Reply by: Rockitglider
Date:6/12/2009 8:07:40 AM


Mine show up as AC Box Combo, Plexi Combo, and Twang Combo, and you would link them typically to an audio track that you would play guitar into. You could also use them as an amp for Real Strat or other VSTi guitars. These are not DX, I think they are VST.

See ya, Rockitglider

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