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Subject:Pops & Crackles
Posted by: Rockitglider
Date:5/29/2009 12:15:38 PM


Acid 7.0c

I was using the Ozonic from M-Audio Firewire, and I bought the Line 6 KB37, I get pops & crackles during playback or recording with either of the sound interfaces. Maybe my system specs are not up to par? It gets worse when other VST's are on screen like Guitar Rig 3, or Halion 3.5 with NS7 drum kit loaded in. But Acid, with only previewing the loops does it as well with no VST's loaded. Any Ideas? Thanks,


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Subject:RE: Pops & Crackles
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:5/29/2009 12:43:07 PM

You are on XP...good.

It could be your system setup.

1)No antivirus running in the background?

2)All video fx turned off? [ie:set to windows classic mode]

3)Turn off [disable} ALL system sounds prior to setting up your m-audio firewire card?

4)Did you disable your motherboard soundcard prior to installing the m-audio card?

5)Run this app...DPC Latency checker...

What you do is download to your audio desktop and run it [nothing installs on your computer] and see if you have any "RED bars" going across.

If you do go into the device manager and start disabling stuff. I had major issues until I found that my network adapter card was causing MAJOR issues. Once I disabled it my system was night and day.

6)How does your firewire card connect to your computer:

a)onboard firewire port built into computer mobo? Is it a texas Instrument chipset? If not thats a BIG issue.

b)Via a firewire pci card? Does that card have a texas Instrument chipset?

c)Is the Firewire pci card a combo "firewire/usb" card...This has been told to me from two different soundcard manufacturers that this is BAD....Don"t do this.[echo+presonus]

7)Updated video card drivers?

8)What buffer setting does this happen at? The LOWER your buffer [ie:256buffer=5ms for echo audiofire4] will mean you will use MORE cpu to run and you will get LESS vsti and vst plugin count.

To be honest your system is not up to snuff...sorry. The newer plugins/instruments take a greater toll now and you are more than likely hitting your systems "virtual ceiling".

I would consider buying something new dude...and I would follow the decribed steps above to make sure it runs great.


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Subject:RE: Pops & Crackles
Reply by: Rockitglider
Date:5/29/2009 5:38:54 PM

Hello Ed,

I have done all the tweaks suggested before, I ran the latency program and my computer stays under 500 in the green. I am able to run Acid 6 Pro, Sonar 7 Pro, and FL Studio 8 Pro without any pops. Maybe the install didn't take good as I did have problems installing Acid 7, some vst's wouldn't scan on first startup after install so I removed the culprits and tried again until it started up OK. One suggestion for an update would be to let the app install fully and run at least once before scanning for vst's, maybe make it manual scan only and change to auto after a successful startup and all vst's are working. The only tweak I didn't try is disabling my NIC, but I'll try it. Is there a way to manually set latency for my sound interface in Acid? I think it's set for auto detect. Would the location of the Audio Temp folder matter?

Thanks, Kit

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Subject:RE: Pops & Crackles
Reply by: lofreequency
Date:6/1/2009 8:19:45 AM

You check Options>preferences>audio devices> advanced>make sure the device latency is set to the highest?

For some reason I have to keep checking this setting upon startup in that AP7 seems to want to reset it to the default setting...which causes pops and crackles for me too. But after I reset it all performs great.

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Subject:RE: Pops & Crackles
Reply by: Rockitglider
Date:6/1/2009 8:28:14 AM


After further testing it seems I get the pops when I mouse over the Mixer area with all tracks showing Midi, Audio, Synths, master, and buses. If I only show master and preveiw faders the pops seem to go away. It seems to play OK as long as I don't mouse over that area. Peter, any sugestions? Thanks again people,


Subject:RE: Pops & Crackles
Reply by: lofreequency
Date:6/1/2009 8:55:00 AM

That's the exact problem I had (there's a post about it here from a couple months ago "Mixer causing crashes" or something like that) and it was recommended to me what I mentioned above. I thought it was the mixer too at first. Nope. I rechecked the audio device latency, it was reset at default which was the lowest setting(I didn't set it like that), and things work fine when reset to the highest setting.

Not sure why that makes a difference when moving the mouse, etc. but it does. :-)

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Subject:RE: Pops & Crackles
Reply by: Rockitglider
Date:6/1/2009 9:09:11 AM


Yeah, I did set it higher during testing at one point but I'll check it again, but not sure how the settings are measured they seem to be different than most apps, like it seems to be set to 0 when I uncheck the auto detect tick mark, so does that include the 512 my card is already set at, or do I need to set Acid at 512 as well?


Subject:RE: Pops & Crackles
Reply by: lofreequency
Date:6/1/2009 9:16:02 AM

I kept the "auto detect" checked and the setting I have to reset was for my Tascam US1641 interface is accessed via the "advanced" button on the Device page.. When I click on "advanced" the settings for the Tascam come up.

If you want, click on my profile and you can get to the thread I referred to above to read about the solution suggested to me. It's called,
"I guess the mixing console is crashing AP7"

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