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Subject:Zoom H4 Recording
Posted by: sqig
Date:5/24/2009 2:33:13 PM

Can I record with the USB input from the H4 recorder?

Subject:RE: Zoom H4 Recording
Reply by: PeterWright
Date:5/24/2009 6:33:44 PM

Yes - p.80 of the manual describes how it can be used as an audio interface. It says compatible with XP, so I don't know whether this now works with Vista.

edit - for more info there's a Zoom Forum here:

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Subject:RE: Zoom H4 Recording
Reply by: rjshama
Date:5/26/2009 10:55:16 AM

I had to use the older of the two ASIO drivers from the Zoom website to avoid super choppy audio. I've used the H4 as an interface with ACID 7 Pro with no problems. Be aware that you will be monitoring ACID through the Zoom now.

You might want to snag the H4's firmware update too if you haven't done that already. It will let you use larger SDHC cards among other things.

Subject:RE: Zoom H4 Recording
Reply by: sqig
Date:5/26/2009 11:42:44 AM

Thank you both.. I have downloaded the latest firmware, and also the Assio driver, but now i know it can be used with Acid ( Acid Pro 6 in my instance ) How and where do I see it as a recording scource? I have it connected as a USB device and the meter is moving on the Zoom H4n itself but i cant see how to record it in ACID 6?

Subject:RE: Zoom H4 Recording
Reply by: lofreequency
Date:5/26/2009 12:55:40 PM

Check tabs on top... Options>preferences>audio device tab? (find your driver/device)

Then maybe you'll have to point your track to it in the project?

Right click on track header>input. Then, arm track to see incoming levels? You may have to enable input monitoring there on the track options too...

(I have AP7 and am not in front of the program at the moment though, but think its the same for AP6)

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Subject:RE: Zoom H4 Recording
Reply by: sqig
Date:5/26/2009 1:43:03 PM

OK ....I'm at work so will try to find it tonight!

Subject:RE: Zoom H4 Recording
Reply by: sqig
Date:5/26/2009 4:23:29 PM

Thx....that worked out fine....The Zoom Asio wasn't there the last time I tried, cause I hadn't turned ACID off and restarted after loading the driver.....So I couldn't figure out how to connect. It was there this time...obviously.

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