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Subject:AP7 recording frustration
Posted by: guitacid
Date:5/25/2009 6:41:42 AM

This may well have been answered before but i don't know a search term to use to find the answer.

Anyways. I just installed AP7. New computer build too. Have set-up a test project. So far have knocked something up with loops. However, pick up my guitar to throw in a part and insert an audio track and the rest of the project is what i can see in the meters of the armed track. Can see a healthy level for my guitar too which is nice but i can't figure out why the rest of the tracks are showing in the armed track. I've checked all sorts of settings for the soundcard. The 'soundcard' is actually the mobo's inbuilt audio. Mobo is an Asus P5Q Pro. Have downloaded the latest drivers too. Sure it's a highly non professional solution for an audio interface but it should work for setting up AP7.

There's other issues too but i'm still looking at those. However there's one totally annoying one. I've copied all of my AP3 projects to the second hard drive of my new comp. Open them in AP7 and it constantly advises that it can't find this or that loop and i should search or ignore them. I also copied all my loop library to the C drive of the new comp. Please, what do i need to do to correct this? If i do ignore and leave offline and the project opens the levels and pans are all over the place. At the moment, all the mixing work done in AP3 has been a waste of time after opening in AP7.

Sorry for the long post. Once i get all this sorted i can then get more into exploring and learning AP7.
thanks in advance.

Subject:RE: AP7 recording frustration
Reply by: lofreequency
Date:5/26/2009 8:03:33 AM

Not familiar with that motherboard, but from my experience here the usual answer to audio monitoring problems is the sound card needs to support ASIO. If you don't find that option on your audio interface settings, (Options>preferences>Audio device) it's probably not supported and you probably can't achieve all the monitoring options AP7 has to offer.

Also, have you checked the input device for the new track itself? Right click the header of the track and choose "input". See what it says. Does it list just the soundcard itself or does have other in channels to choose from? (Sorry I'm not that familiar with this problem but I'm thinking this may give you a clue whether your soundcard can ulitilize all AP7's recording/monitoring features)

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Subject:RE: AP7 recording frustration
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/26/2009 9:52:26 AM

This type of problem is typically caused by your sound device having a record input mode of "what you hear is what you record".

That is all output of the sound card is routed to the input, including the input source.

You need to determine how to disable this type of feature for your sound device.

WRT you ACID Pro 3 projects:

If ACID cannot find the media you used in your projects, it has to ask you. What exactly are you doing when ACID Pro 7 prompts you to locate the missing media?

When you say your "levels and pans are all over the place", can you describe an example?


Subject:RE: AP7 recording frustration
Reply by: guitacid
Date:5/26/2009 8:29:22 PM

Thanks for the replies.

I installed ASIO4All and will test with that and advise. AP7 is pointing to the soundcard. I can't see the soundcard's settings re access to what you hear what you record. Funnily enough i did not have this issue with AP3. It worked fine.

For the issue of opening AP3 projects in AP7 as follows:

I'm simply attempting to open an AP3 mix in AP7. First thing it does is say i can't find this loop. Those loops are on my C drive so i wouldn't consider the loops to be missing. The "can't find it" window actually contains the file directory details and the file is there yet it asks for me to search. If i have to do this for all my AP3 compositions it's going to be a huge task. I'll double check what i'm doing to make sure it's not me.

Now for my levels and pans for AP3 in AP7. I opened an AP3 by ignoring missing loops. That left all my guitar parts and it just sounded so wrong. Feature riffs are way down in vol and bass lines way up. I didn't examine the issue at the time but i will and report back. One thing i am doing now though is i've set AP7 to Constant Power for panning. This was something that AP3 couldn't do and it's what i believe panning should be.


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