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Subject:Crackles from Acid?
Posted by: buckaroo
Date:4/30/2009 11:34:50 AM

Just reformatted my PC and done the necessary tweaks to XP and get crackles from Acid, this is now recording to the drive, but even simple things like dragging a CD track to the timeline?!

I am using a Maudio Fast track pro with the latest drivers but am using SPDIF going into a digidesign 96io - could the crakles be a clocking problem?

Does anyone know how to make the MAudio Fast track pro a SPDIF master to stop the crakles?

Subject:RE: Crackles from Acid?
Reply by: lofreequency
Date:4/30/2009 7:53:51 PM

Did you check the audio device latency settings?

In the "audio preferences" > "advanced" tabs. (Options>Preferences>Audio Device>Advanced>)

Perhaps upon reboot they are set to default and not the optimum?

Something similar happened to me...crackling and freeze up even with a simple mouse move when moving the mixer sliders...and a kind member gave me this tip... I reset the audio device latency to max and it fixed the prob. Worth checking anyway. :)

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