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Subject:Tempo Changes on vocals
Posted by: Cheye
Date:4/26/2009 5:05:31 PM


I've recorded a song in Acid Pro 7a and I've noticed that the vocals won't change tempo and keep in sync with the other tracks which are changing tempo. The vocals were recorded in Acid and I may have done some vocal comping and moved takes to new tracks. Would this effect the tempo or am I missing something. In the past the vocals would change tempo and play in sync with everything else. Basically all tracks are changing tempo in Acid except for the vocals. Any thoughts?

Thanks folks


Subject:RE: Tempo Changes on vocals
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:4/26/2009 5:45:43 PM

Are they one-shots or beat-mapped?

Subject:RE: Tempo Changes on vocals
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:4/27/2009 8:38:32 AM

If the vocals are not Beatmapped they won't change tempo. It sounds like they are One Shots which tells ACID not to modify them in any way.Go into the Clip Properties and make sure the ACID Type is Beatmapped.


Subject:RE: Tempo Changes on vocals
Reply by: Cheye
Date:4/27/2009 5:04:30 PM

Thanks Johnny

I'll check it out and make the change if needed, and will report back later.


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