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Subject:Acid Zip Files
Posted by: Illogical
Date:4/22/2009 8:45:24 AM

I always found it much easier to use acid zip files (acd-zip) to save my projects, since it stores all the media with the project in one handy file. It takes a little longer to load and save, but that's worth it to me in exchange for not having to worry about housekeeping and missing media.

Does anyone else do this? I ask because I have had an ample share of problems with crashes and all sorts of other issues ever since version 4, on a number of different computers and operating systems, with a wide range of projects. Is it possible that the reason I don't get the stability I hear others boast about is because I am working from zipped files?

Is it possible Acid could be less stable operating from a zipped project? Are there any differences in the way it would operate? Does any of the product testing get done while working from zipped files?

It doesn't make sense to me that this would be a factor, but I just purchased Acid Pro 7 and am having the same difficulties as always, even on small projects with no synths or effects. I guess I should just stop using the zip files, but I really prefer the convenience and have pretty much all of my old projects saved that way.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight.

Subject:RE: Acid Zip Files
Reply by: GrupoJyT
Date:4/22/2009 1:19:56 PM


I use ZIP projects only for archive a finished work.

I prefer the use of directories, with all files inside a master directory and, subdirectories for each production stage, by example:

...\My Project
...\My Project\MIDI Sampling\...
...\My Project\Instrument Recording and Edit\...
...\My Project\Voice Recording and Edit\...
...\My Project\Master Mix\...
...\My Project\Rendered Streams\...

When I finish the work, I save the directory 'My Project' and all the subdirectories and files with a standar ZIP file.¨

Only If I need to exchange an specific project with another people or DAW, I use ACID ZIP files.

Best regards

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