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Subject:Soundcard recomendations
Posted by: mista k
Date:4/15/2009 12:41:14 PM

Any recommendations on soundcards?

I had a M-audio firewire410 - was great but recently fried.

PCI -?
USB 2.0 ?

Any good and bad stories with each?

Price range up to $400

Subject:RE: Soundcard recomendations
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:4/15/2009 9:09:28 PM

What OS are you running?

Win XP sp3?

Vista 32?

Vista 64?

The two firewire soundcards that I used and are currently using :

-Presonus firebox:

-Echo Audiofire 4:

Both work well in a 32 bit environment.

Both will be crap with acid pro 7 in Vista 64bit.

I do know that the audiofire works great @ 64sample buffer in sonar 8.3.1.. When I last checked the presonus forums there were those who complained about the same issues I was having in Vista 64 so I would stay clear.



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