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Subject:Midi notes are playing back EARLY
Posted by: Tom B
Date:4/8/2009 3:38:32 PM

My midi notes are playing back EARLY, ahead of the metronome. Like the opposite of latency.

Very simply, I insert a midi track and assign the DLS Soft Synth.

I turn on the Metronome and record, attempting to play one note on each Metronome tick. Consistently on playback, each note occurs slightly BEFORE the metronome, slightly BEFORE the grid marks in the timeline.

I'm using a Presonus FireStudio Project interface for midi in/out and for audio. It has 5ms latency (totally unnoticable) - but my current issue seems more like "anti-latency"...

I'm no midi expert, but have tried everything I can think of. Please advise.


Subject:RE: Midi notes are playing back EARLY
Reply by: jjbraunius
Date:4/13/2009 5:06:35 PM

Did you try using quantize so the program will self correct to the closest assigned note value?

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