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Subject:ACIDize???? PRO 7
Posted by: kinky
Date:3/9/2009 3:36:54 PM

the key info isn't being embeded into the tracks that i am rendering out of ACID pro7 like it did in pro6.
am i missing a setting somewhere?

Subject:RE: ACIDize???? PRO 7
Reply by: kinky
Date:3/11/2009 5:36:59 PM

as suspected there is no reply to this.

are there other users that have this issue or am i the only one?
is this a bug that will get fixed with the next update?

i have found my way around this by labeling my rendered track with key and bpm info in the title then putting it back in, in the track properties.

the extra steps are annoying.
if there is a setting in ACID that i am unaware of will some1 please tell me what it is?

Subject:RE: ACIDize???? PRO 7
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:3/11/2009 7:48:47 PM

So if I understand you clearly...

-record a "beatmapped" audio track.

-the recording plays back correctly.

-render to ??? [mp3,wav,flc,ogg]

-what render template do you use???

Then you open this file in soundforge and it has no data?

Drag this file into a emtpy acid and it plays back incorrectly?


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