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Subject:Disable Rewire
Posted by: gunga
Date:3/10/2009 5:02:49 PM

There used to be (Acid Pro 6) a check box somewhere in Preferences allowing us to dis/enable Rewire ( I think?) Not possible in 7?

I've started crashing while loading certain .acd files and am trying to track it down...Ableton Live comes up in the I want to try disabling Rewire.

I've installed netframework 3.5 sp1
Anyone having problems with that?

Subject:RE: Disable Rewire
Reply by: pwppch
Date:3/10/2009 7:39:47 PM

This is done in the Plug-in Manager View now.

Locate the ReWire Devices folder in the Plug-in Manager View.
Locate the ReWire Device you want to disable
Right click on the device and select "Ignore"


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