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Subject:Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Posted by: peaces
Date:3/2/2009 1:35:40 PM

OK, is there a listing somewhere or can I get some recommendations of companies or products to choose from to build my sound libraries?

I am using Acid Pro 7. Along with ARIA and KitCore I have the Garritan Personal Orchestra. I need to fill in all the usual suspect gaps.... guitars, keyboards, drums and other instruments and sounds.

My primary workflow is from a Kurzweil 2600K through midi into Acid, then play back through a softsynth. I do not want to use any midi sounds for my final product.

When I go to some of the sound library sites, I am not finding if they can be used in Acid or not.

Thanks for any guidance for this newbie.

Subject:RE: Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:3/2/2009 3:02:00 PM

Hey Peaces,


Native Instruments:Guitar Rig 3.2.1.
Izotope Trash


Fxpansion BFD 2.1
Jamstix 2.5.0
Groove Monkey bfd 2 midi drum grooves [great for throwing it on acids timeline and triggering the drum samples]

Cools sounds:

Phatmatic Pro


Subject:RE: Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Reply by: Adji
Date:3/2/2009 3:04:39 PM

For drums I cant reccommend Superior Drummer 2.0 enough, great program, simple engouh, but highly complex if you want to get into it.

Subject:RE: Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Reply by: peaces
Date:3/2/2009 3:30:00 PM

Thanks guys!

I'll go check those out.

Subject:RE: Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Reply by: peaces
Date:3/2/2009 3:34:05 PM

Anyone have an opinion about the Komplete 5 bundle?

Subject:RE: Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:3/2/2009 6:38:22 PM

The Komplete 5 bundle is a monster, and some good deals are going at the moment. I bought it with Kore 2.

Kontakt is part of the bundle, and has a good selection of "real" instruments. Battery has just about every drum kit known to man. The World kits are worth the price alone.

However, the focus of Komplete is on what NI does best - electronica. If you are less interested in this, you might just want to look at Kontakt as a standalone product.

PS They all run fine in AP7. You need plenty of disk space for the libraries.

PPS If an instrument is available as a VST or DXi format (most are), it should work with Acid. There are a few odd ones that seem to clash with Acid (do a search on this forum) - but they are not going to say on their website or on the box (they probably don't know there is an issue).

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Subject:RE: Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Reply by: peaces
Date:3/3/2009 4:47:57 AM

Thanks Jumbuk!

This is exactly the kind of information I needed.

Subject:RE: Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Reply by: kbruff
Date:3/3/2009 9:32:20 AM

I also run NI Komplete 5 and I swear it is the simply the best, ummmm

KONTAKT is a modular sampler with internal effects and mixing, ahhhh it is just the best.

You would need to see it and use it to really appreciat it,
and it allow you to use REX files and just about any other sample format.

Subject:RE: Instruments (softsynths, etc...)
Reply by: bmandigo
Date:5/28/2009 11:37:56 AM dedicated hardware for VSTs and has lots of links to freeware VSTs etc I have Guitar Rig 2 and Acid 6. and cannot get Acid to scan and list Guitar Rig as a VST effect or even as a softsynth Plugin. It finds all the reverbs and delays fine

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