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Subject:Previewing BM: Crashes ACID 7a
Posted by: WarmGlow
Date:2/10/2009 8:04:07 PM

In ACID 7a when I preview a file that has been beatmapped in an old version of Acid it consistently causes Acid 7a to freeze and then crash.

The files i tried to preview are actually from Sony. They are Infusion promo 03 and infusion promo 04 from the Vir Unis: Infusion collection. Only the promo files that have been beatmapped seem to cause a crash.

to repeat this just open a blank Acid 7a project and make sure auto preview is enabled in Explorer and then

test system: HP laptop (DV 2000), Intel Duo Centrino, Win Vista 32 without SP1 . Using on board sound Microsoft Sound Mapper (I also tried using Windows Classic Driver and it also crashes while previewing). Project properties 44,100hz, 16bit

If this has already been reported know that I searched a few pages before posting.

Subject:RE: Previewing BM: Crashes ACID 7a
Reply by: WarmGlow
Date:2/10/2009 8:21:16 PM

Update: I loaded a loop into Acid 7a and then beatmapped it using the beat mapper wizard. At the end of the processes steps I selected to "save the Beat Mapper information with the file." Then I highlighted the newly beatmapped file in the explorer window to preview it and instantly the Acid 7a screen began turning white and then it crashes.

previewing loops in Acid 7a that have been beatmapped (using Acid 7a) seems to consistently crash my system. It's odd too because other than this issue Acid 7a seems stable on my laptop.

Sony folks is there any chance of adding the ability to turn OFF "snap to grid" while at the same time still having snap to clips and snap to markers enabled?

Currently, when I'm trying to move clips around I am continually pressing shift while I drag or pressing F8 to toggle snap and the re-enabling snap when I get the audio clip right next to a marker or the other clip that I am trying to snap to. Also I would like the back of events (audio clips) to be able to snap not just the front. Currently the back (the end) of an event/audio clip will NOT snap to a marker unless the marker happens to be on a grid line.

If you place a marker between grid lines and then turn snapping on, and then drag an audio clip to that marker only the front of the audio clip will snap, the back end of the audio clip will not snap to the marker.

Subject:RE: Previewing BM: Crashes ACID 7a
Reply by: ForumAdmin
Date:2/12/2009 12:57:05 PM

We are investigating this problem. We have not seen it "crash" the app, but we have gotten it to "hang", lock up and become unresponsive. It has been very inconsistent and hard to reproduce.

Here is our current repro scenario:

1) Import Infusion promo 03 into ACID
2) Change the ACID Type to "Beatmapped" in Clip Properties
3) Save the file from Clip Properties to apply the ACIDization changes to the file
4) Preview the file from the Media Explorer
5) Hang.

The hang we experience is very rare. Does this happen every time for you?

If you do in fact crash, do you obtain a crash dump. If so please post it here.

This may be related to this report:

Thanks for the report.


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Subject:RE: Previewing BM: Crashes ACID 7a
Reply by: WarmGlow
Date:2/13/2009 11:17:45 AM


This morning I recording a simple wave file in Acid 7a using the built in microphone on my HP laptop. Note, I have "ACID type for recorded audio" set to One-Shot. Then I placed a loop selection on the wave so that it looped and then I choose "Render as.." and checked the box selecting "Render loop region only" (by the way i named the file "Test BM 0").

Anyways, I closed this instance of ACID 7a and opened a fresh instance of ACID 7a in order to preview this file from a clean slate. I found the the file, Test BM 0, using the explorer window and when I clicked the file the screen freezes (none of the buttons in ACID would respond). I left the computer alone for about 10 mins and I noticed that the screen for ACID 7a had turned white. In task manager it says that ACID is not responding and that CPU use was up to 52%. At this point I opt to close the program. Windows didn't crash but that instance of ACID would not respond.

So it appears that any Beat Mapped file (even one I record myself) will cause my system to crash if I try to preview.

Test Machine: HP laptop DV 2000. 1.50 GHz Intel Centrino Duo processor
2048 MB DDR2 (2 Dimm). Win Vista 32bit Home without Service pack 1
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 (shared)
Using on board sound Windows Classic Driver
Sound: Altec Lansing (conexant high definition smartaudio HD2)

The hang we experience is very rare. Does this happen every time for you?
Well, it freezes every single time I try to preview a Beat Mapped file.

If you do in fact crash, do you obtain a crash dump?
When ACID 7a freezes I don't get a crash dump the app just becomes unresponsive. Where is there a folder under the ACID directory with a crash log/ report?When I restart ACID it asks me if I want to "restore from the last Autosaved project" but no crash dunp is provided. In the ACID folder on my drive I clicked the icon for "Error Report Client" and also "Error Report Launcher" and I repeated the whole process described above but it's there a text file thats created showing the "dump"?

Ps. Other than this Acid 7a seems very stable on my system and overall I feel good about my purchase. BTW, would the Sony Creative team consider adding more snap options (the ones I describe in the post above) and also event grouping? Thx.

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Subject:RE: Previewing BM: Crashes ACID 7a
Reply by: WarmGlow
Date:2/13/2009 11:48:36 AM

--j (Jen?) as for your link:

"This may be related to this report:"

This link takes me to Jack Millz thread about "Acid 7.0a (Build 536) Crashing Constantly/Chopper," On the surface it appears that Jack Millz' crashes are related to his use of the Chopper while using Vista 64? Give me a moment to read through the thread....also, if I am able to follow his steps using the Chopper I will post the outcome.

again, please let me know if theres any chance for the Sony Team to implement additional snap options and event grouping. Thx

Subject:RE: Previewing BM: Crashes ACID 7a
Reply by: ForumAdmin
Date:2/24/2009 3:46:13 PM

--j (Jen?)

My name is Jay... we used to have a "Jenn" around here, but she went off someplace to play with a bunch of microphones...

Thanks for following up on this thread. We have found and fixed an issue which seems like the one you have been experiencing. I can't say when the 7.0b update will be available other than to say it should be "soon".

Regarding your requests for event grouping and enhanced snapping behaviors I can only say that while we value and consider feature requests and enhancements from the user community, we generally refrain from commenting as to if or when such things might appear. The future is uncertain and priorities change... if I were to tell you we were planning on including Feature X in a future version and for some reason we were unable to deliver Feature X as promised, the users would be disappointed.


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