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Subject:Small feature requests (for next update?)
Posted by: Baxter1
Date:1/6/2009 5:47:11 AM

Just 2 simple requests that should be pretty easy to implement:

First, give us a way to set the default midi note insert velocity value, which is currently set at a default or 64, and, unless I am missing something, the user cannot change. I checked the manual, and couldn't find any way to change this.

Second, place the ediing tools on the right-click menu as well as on the tool bar. For me, this would make changing tools much quicker and easier than clicking on the tool bar (I used to use Cubase a lot, and really liked this feature). Or barring that, maybe make the toolbar so that it will float (so it can be undocked from the top of the page and placed wherever we like).

Again, if I am missing some way of doing these things, please let me know. And, I must tell everyone at Sony how much I love Acid Pro 7! I own several other hosts, and have gone to using Acid exclusively (and I have owned every version since Acid Pro 2 except version 6, and hardly used it because I just never really liked it). Great job, everyone at Sony! When people used to say that one DAW or another was fun to use, I didn't really get it. They are tools, after all, right? Well, now I get it! I really love using this piece of software!


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Subject:RE: Small feature requests (for next update?)
Reply by: WarmGlow
Date:1/6/2009 6:25:02 AM

And to this list I would like to add EDL export. I appreciate the integration between Acid and Sound Forge but I think that it would be nice to also have a little integration between Acid and Sony Vegas. If I could "save as" my Acid project in EDL (I wouldn't need all the tempo information or envelopes just the actual events of the Acid project, the clips, in their relative position on the time line) then I could import and mix in Vegas which is comfortable for me.

I agree with you Baxter1 when you say "I really love using this piece of software!" I don't know how difficult it would be to implement but I would really appreciate the option to group and ungroup events (audio clips). Also the ability to turn OFF "snap to grid" while at the same time still having snap to clips and snap to markers enabled. Currently, when I'm trying to move clips around I am continually pressing shift while I drag or pressing F8 to toggle snap and the re-enabling snap when I get the audio clip right next to a marker or the other clip that I am trying to snap to.

Not a dealbreaker, of course, but it just feels a bit unwieldy.

Overall, there is so much I like about Acid. I think that the Sony team put in alot of effort in Acid 7 and It shows. I also I appreciate the prompt update to Acid 7.0a

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