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Subject:AC3 encoder information
Posted by: Trev Wilkins
Date:12/12/2008 12:08:10 PM

I'm interested in purchasing the ac3 surround encoder but can't find any information about it. I can purchase online via the popup that appears when I try to save in ac3 format but I can't find anything on the site about it or what it is capable of.
Running SF9 so this would fit in nicely, otherwise I might go for SurCode which is standalone but costs more.

Does anyone know where I can find out about the SF encoder?


Subject:RE: AC3 encoder information
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:12/12/2008 3:00:03 PM

Hmmmm. It used to be listed separately as it's own product, but it was quite expensive too. I don't see a listing anymore.

Just a thought ... but if you get Vegas Movie Studio Platinum for $85 you'll get the AC3 encoder bundled with it and it will be available in Sound Forge after you install it. And, you'll also get a very nice multi-track audio & video editor and a DVD authoring program in the bargain.

Subject:RE: AC3 encoder information
Reply by: Trev Wilkins
Date:12/15/2008 2:06:40 AM

Fantastic! That's by far the cheapest and most flexible option I've seen.

Thanks Chienworks.

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