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Subject:Acid Pro 7 installation woes
Posted by: digitalelf
Date:12/4/2008 3:13:45 PM

I upgraded version 4 to version 7 this morning and it created problems with Sound Forge 9, CD Architect 5 and trying to register Acid 7. I click on the Acid 7 icon and immediately get the Register screen where I type in the serial number correctly. When I hit the enter button nothing I hit it again and again - still nothing happens.

I logged on to the Sony site and entered "Chat" for assistance. I immediately got "Krishna" as a help representative who asked my request. I explained to her that when I upgraded Acid from version 4 to 7 it rendered CD Architect, Sound Forge and Acid unusable and each requested re-regestering. When I click on the program button, I got the regerster page asking for the serial number and after inputting the number, nothing else appeared or happened. I spent about 40 minutes with her and decided she did not understand my English or correctly understand the solution to my problem. I hung up wiuthout resolving the problem.

I am using a Pentium Pro computer with Windows XP Professional operating system. My computer was prior to theis upgrad working flawlessly. I have several clients wanting me to work on their projects and I am in dire need to resolve this problem. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Michael

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Subject:RE: Acid Pro 7 installation woes
Reply by: MyST
Date:12/4/2008 5:49:58 PM

Krishna has been a great help to me before when I've had serial number issues, however, did you try calling or just even trying to chat again and see if you get someone else?

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 7 installation woes
Reply by: digitalelf
Date:12/4/2008 6:34:18 PM

Thanks for your reply. I explained how I am the administrator of my computer and in that mode installed the upgrade via the CD I received from UPS this morning. I further explained when I clicked on the shortcut on the desktop, I received one screen that needed the serial number to proceed. I gathered the supplied card that came with the CD from Sony and entered the serial number and nothing happened after hitting the "enter" button.

Krishna told me to install it "thrice" then the fourth time hit cancel, which I did and still nothing happened.

I asked her if she understood my problem because I had clients wanting their projects finished and could not proceed until I had access to my programs again. She did not respond for some time so I typed: Are you still there?

Then I asked if she understood my problem to which she replied: "Enter the serial number and then the machine id." I told her once more that all my registration screen showed was a place to enter the serial number and that was all. Then again there was a long pause...

She again said to enter the machine id after entering the serial number. I was stumped. By this time approximately 40 minutes had passed and she still did not understand my problem.

I left the Studio tonight unable to access Sound Forge 9, CD Architect 5 or Acid Pro 7.

Can anyone offer a solution? Windows XP Professional computer that was working flawlessly before I upgraded Acid from version 4 to 7.

Thanks, Michael

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