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Subject:Media Manager - Media Library
Posted by: VsnMxr
Date:11/27/2008 8:45:37 PM

I just installed Acid Pro 7 on my computer. When I open the program I get the message "The media library Default could not be opened."

If I try to open or create a media library from the Media Manager tab in Acid Pro 7 I get the same message.

How do I fix this problem?

Subject:RE: Media Manager - Media Library
Reply by: porkjelly
Date:11/29/2008 1:39:59 AM

Media Manager is a separate download under AP7. Look for it via the Downloads should be there.

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Subject:RE: Media Manager - Media Library
Reply by: VsnMxr
Date:11/29/2008 8:30:44 PM

Thank you for your reply.

However, I did install Media Manager separately from the main program from the Acid Pro 7 installation disc.

The problem is that although I do have Media Manager installed on my computer, I keep getting the message "The media library Default could not be opened" when I open Acid Pro 7.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Acid Pro 7 and Media Manager (several times) but still the Media Manager will not work when I open Acid Pro 7.

Subject:RE: Media Manager - Media Library
Reply by: pHuNzOnE
Date:11/29/2008 9:12:40 PM

Probably Acid can't find the path to Media Manager. Check where it is installed and then after Acid loads go to media manager, click on the icon to "open" and you'll see a dialog box. Just browse to where the media manager is installed and select it.


Subject:RE: Media Manager - Media Library
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:11/30/2008 5:55:29 AM

It sounds like the Media Manager is installed correctly and it just can't open the Default media library. Do you have an older copy of the Default library from a previous version of ACID or Vegas?

Try creating a new media library and name it something other than "default". Then make that the active library and this is the one the media manager will open when ACID starts. It should make the problem go away.


Subject:RE: Media Manager - Media Library
Reply by: VsnMxr
Date:12/4/2008 12:41:55 PM

I followed the advice given, however, I am still unable to open the Media Manager in Acid Pro 7 or any media library.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Acid Pro 7 and Media Manager several times but to no avail. The same problem exists.

When I submitted my question I noticed that the "proposed solutions from our knowledgebase" indicated that I should "verify the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine is installed (SONY_MEDIAMGR)."

I followed the step given:

(a) Use Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and look for Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (SONY_MEDIAMGR).

I see that it is NOT installed. As I mentioned, I then uninstalled and reinstalled the product but the "Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (SONY_MEDIAMGR)" does not seem to install, nor does the service "MSSQL$SONY_MEDIAMGR" appear under Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Services as the verification that the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine is installed states that it should.

Prehaps this is causing the problem?

Subject:RE: Media Manager - Media Library
Reply by: Soulmansblue
Date:9/2/2014 9:02:51 AM

I have been experiencing very similar problems to what you all have been discussing, but my problem started out from within Vegas Pro. Having searched the we for help I came across this thread and decided to checkout my version of ACID Pro only to find that I had the same problem there as well.

I believe that I have solved this problem for both programs and it is the same fix. Your best bet is to do it with ACDID Pro first and it should and will fix the problem in one go for both..

I thought you all might like to know how I fixed the problem as no one has from what I have read actually said anywhere that they have succeeded in this. So what follows is what I did to resolve the issue:

1. Uninstall Media Manager [if still installed]
2. Uninstall ACID Pro and Vegas Pro
3. Uninstall [Windows 7] the following via Control Panel\Programs and Features

3a. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 [This is the Desktop Engine SONY_MEDIAMGR version it comes with Media Manager.]

3b. Microsoft SQL Server Native Client
3c. Microsoft SQL Server Setup Support Files [English]
3d. Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer

You will find that when you try and uninstall one or two of these you get informed that they are already uninstalled. They where uninstalled automatically when you uninstalled Microsoft SQL Server 2005 so just click OK and continue.

4. Delete the following after installation but first create a temp folder and move them there:

[Backup all the files in this folder just in case you require any of the files i.e. some have nothing to do with Media Manager. You will know which as they will not be there after you re-install Media Manager. So those you can just restore to the original folder. If you only have SQL files for Media Manager you can safely delete them all but wait until you have completed the installation of media Manager and fixed the issue]

4a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data[Move all files into created temp folder]

4b. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Template Data\
[Move all files into created temp folder]

4c. Reboot

5. Reinstall ACID Pro [DO NOT reinstall Vegas Pro at this stage. If you only have Vegas Pro then just follow the instructions and reinstall Vegas Pro.]

6. Install Media Manager [NOTHING ELSE - NO PULG-INS ETC]
7. Load ACID Pro and if all has gone well you should have no error messages informing you that the "Default could not be opened."

8. Install all of the related ACID Files in this order [This is not gospel, I just did it in this order]

8a. Pro Effects Rack
8b. Guitar Combos
8c. KitCore Drums
8d. ARIA
8e. ARIA Update
8f. Preset Manager
8g. Sample Library

9. Install Vegas Pro [Before HITFILM and all Sony Plug-ins before any Third Party Plug-ins]

WARNING: NewBlueFX [These are great FX but can cause certain problems resulting in crashes while rendering. INSTALL ONLY the plug-in version labeled for VEGAS Pro Version. If there is no Vegas Pro option then use the OPENFX version but if you have a problem look to the OPENFX version first.

Just one point to press home. You Must remove all the files in the Microsoft SQL Server Folders 'Data' and 'Template Data' folders otherwise anything you do will not work. The files contained in these folders are the cause of the 'Cannot Open Default' messages. They contain data that is not changed during install or if you for example move the default folder. The software does not see this unless it is data setup during install.

I hope this helps and does not just cloud the issue. I am no IT Tech, just found this out from through trial and error while fixing experience with the issue. So no technical talk, difficult enough to try and explain what I did.

That just about wraps it up. Have fun and I hope this helps.


PS - This information has been posted some 6 years after the initial posting, but there is still no more up to date information that I have been able to track down,

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