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Posted by: reberclark
Date:10/11/2008 2:18:53 PM

Has anyone been able to use Contour Designs ShuttlePro2 with Soundforge 9? I am evaluating the demo and can't seem to get the ShuttlePro2 to work. All info appreciated

Subject:RE: ShuttlePro2
Reply by: reberclark
Date:10/11/2008 2:29:35 PM

Well, I answered my own question. I had to "import settings" on the shuttle control panel from the ShuttleProv2 .pref file included in the SoundForge9 folder. Duh.

Subject:RE: ShuttlePro2
Reply by: MyST
Date:11/23/2008 8:01:43 AM

This is a bit late, but you can also customize your Shuttle using SF's keyboard shortcuts.
Figure out which task you perform the most and you can place that task on the key you want. For example, in Vegas I set my Split function where my thumb rests on my Shuttle Xpress key and it's a split second (no pun intended) to select it and continue.

Just go into the Shuttle's control panel and customize away.

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