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Subject:Mixer Key Commands/ Shortcuts
Posted by: pHuNzOnE
Date:11/17/2008 7:29:08 PM

In general I think the two best enhancements in AP7 are the bus sends and the mixer view.

I was disappointed, however, to find that there were no key commands to toggle the different track views on the mixer. It would be great to be able to hit a key to change which type of tracks, etc., the mixer show since that can really make your screen real estate more efficient.

If it's not a big deal, I think you should include that function in an update in this version.


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Subject:RE: Mixer Key Commands/ Shortcuts
Reply by: pwppch
Date:11/17/2008 9:50:12 PM

This is a bug. There should be keyboard assignements to show/hide channels by type and the regions.


Subject:RE: Mixer Key Commands/ Shortcuts
Reply by: pHuNzOnE
Date:11/18/2008 6:01:17 PM

Better a bug than an oversight!

Will look forward to this in next update hopefully.


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