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Subject:rendering crashes Acid
Posted by: yoza
Date:11/3/2008 2:18:58 PM


I'm struggling for quite a few days now with my computer crashing. I'm corresponding with sony's tech support, still no improvement though.

The problem:
- When I try to render a 24bit wav track to a 16bit wav, no plug-ins on just a single track, the system crashes. Initially I recorded 6 mono tracks at 44.1/24bit. It was fine untill I started mixing. As soon as putting some waves compressors in, the system crashed. After all the troubleshooting that is in my knowledge domain (killing background processes, disabling network drivers, working off the net...) I ended up not being able to use my 24bit file at all. That's why I'm trying to run a 16bit version. Now this one was fine until I put on some waves reverb - it crashed again! It might be the waves plugins as the Acid guru Johnny R. advised me, but then why crashing on simple rendering? I was able to run multiple tracks with tons of plugins before. Ever since I tried new bitrate, this is happening. Can the file be corrupted? Can it be the TC electronic Konnekt? I just bought this recently

Please help,
Many thanks!

Subject:RE: rendering crashes Acid
Reply by: Ranger Bob
Date:11/5/2008 11:37:38 AM

I’m just trying to finish this damn project then get back to using Acid Pro 6d. I’m also having the same crash while rendering as well as several other crashes while during the most basic operations. After the rendering crash I reopen the project and then render it immediately without doing anything else first. So far this has worked for me.

Subject:The Many Crashes of Acid Pro 7
Reply by: Ranger Bob
Date:11/7/2008 1:23:33 AM

It crashes when rendering a file, if crashes during real time renderings, also
It crashes when open a project even though it was created with version 7
It crashes when using the space bar to play just after clicking on a track, avoiding the space bar has helped a lot.
It crashes after resizing clips or just about any other kind of editing and then clicking play
By the way, this is the slowest responding program I’ve seen in almost a decade. Drawing events is ridiculously slow.
I made the mistake of starting a project that I had to finish. Now I can get back to version 6.

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