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Subject:Bug: AP7 improperly labels sound card outputs
Posted by: BradlyMusic
Date:10/31/2008 5:23:07 PM

Here's the Setup:
I have 2 Echo Gina24 Sound Cards latest v7.3 driver for WinXPx32.
Using "ASIO Echo PCI" driver.

Acid assigns the correct numbers to each sound card output pair on Gina24-1 (ie sound card #1) but it messes it up on sound card #2 (Gina24-2).

I think some pictures will better explain it, since Sound Forge 8.0e recognizes the outputs of the sound cards correctly and Acid Pro 7.0 doesn't.

Here's how the sound card outputs should appear for "Gina24-2" as done in Sound Forge 8.0e

and here's how the same driver and sound cards appear on the same system with Acid 7.0 using the same driver.

So what actually happens in Acid when I select the output to be "Gina24-2 analog 3/4" it's actually "Gina24-2 analog 1/2", 5/6 is 3/4, 7/8 is actually 5/6 so on and so forth down the list where they're all labeled incorrectly on all of the Gina24-2 sound card outputs.

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