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Subject:Another happy upgrader
Posted by: jumbuk
Date:10/28/2008 6:48:17 AM

Just for the record,

Downloaded and installed the upgrade and content (man, is there a lot of it!).

All seems to work pretty well. The new plug-in manager is pretty smooth, and likely to trap any problematic third-party plugs.

No huge leaps forward, but the new features are useful, and the mixer is a nice feature. The bundled software and content is worth the upgrade price on its own. You get:

- The izotope rack
- The Garritan Aria sample player
- NI guitar amp combos
- Kitcore drums (useful for me, as I don't have one of these)
- The usual Sony content
- A free standard loop library (select from a list)
- The 8pack volume 2 collection (if you are one of the first 600)
- An unexpected year's subscription to Prozone

Ok, I have a number of plugs and heaps of samples, but you can always use more. Makes the upgrade an easy decision.

. . . and it's nice to open Acid up to that familiar, simple interface again.

Thanks Peter and Co at Sony. Hope you sell lots of it!

Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: DKeenum
Date:10/28/2008 6:53:10 AM

I'm with you! I like the new look as well as the new features!

Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:10/28/2008 7:34:04 AM

I second and third that notion.

For the record I have been "off" ACID for a long long time (years)...but as soon as I heard that 7 was in the works...I was interested in returning.

I hadn't upgraded for years - my last version in use was ACID 3.0 - so I was pleasantly surprised to give 6.0d a try - and after a wee bit of installation work - it really played well in Vista much so that I have been recording pretty much everything in ACID (and with Nuendo as my main DAW - that's saying something!)

Oddly - I finally pulled the trigger on my ACID 3.0->6.0 upgrade at around 6:30am yesterday - just to get to work and find out that 7.0 had finally been released. So I got right back on the phone and ordered my free 7.0 Upgrade and I couldn't be happier.

AP7 is working very well over here so far - I am finding a few things...but no show stoppers so far.

Cudos to Peter and the gang for a job well done.



Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: Gary Lee
Date:10/28/2008 7:50:44 AM

Dittos on the upgrade. I use Acid as my exclusive editor for my radio station group (I'm the Prod. Dir.) and my home voiceover business. Love some of the new features that others may not readily appreciate, like dragging audio pieces across tracks (formally a copy/paste job).

I don't compose music with it or use MIDI at all...but still love it as a multitrack DAW. Saves everything in a .zip file...something that Vegas and Adobe Audition doesn't do.

Love it!

Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:10/28/2008 7:54:40 AM

I use Acid as my exclusive editor for my radio station group (I'm the Prod. Dir.) and my home voiceover business.


Voiceover is my primary directive over here - but I have never tried ACID for it. How does ACID mesh with your voiceover workflow?



Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: txharp3
Date:10/28/2008 2:01:04 PM

I am a happer upgrader, as well. The track freeze and count-off record functions, as well as the new mixer console, definitely improve my workflow in the Acid Pro environment.

In all honesty, I do not see my self using Cubase anymore, as the lack of the two previous functions were the only items that prevented me from solely utilizing Acid Pro.

Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: Gary Lee
Date:10/28/2008 4:58:49 PM


I've always used Acid (Acid 4 to begin with and now 7) as my main DAW for voiceover work. I think Vegas is more user friendly for vox work but I love Acid's ability to save everything into one nice neat .zip file to save for later. I've got hundreds of projects saved (@120gigs worth) for re-editing...some go back 5-6 years.

I've no experience with protools, cakewalk, others except Audition....which is powerful indeed but not as easy to use (MY opinion only). Acid 7 seems to have acquired some of the things I loved about Vegas as an audio DAW.

I just know Acid SO well and have had a great experience using it for commercial production and vox work. I'll continue to use it as long as I can.


Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: KevinJackson
Date:10/28/2008 6:28:11 PM


You say you won't need to use Cubase any more - I haven't used Cubase at all, for me, ACID works fine, I've heard some people say ACID's "audio engine" is terrible - I don't understand this, what is an "audio engine" and is it really that bad? Everything seems to work fine for me! My use of the program certainly isn't as involved as many on here, but I'm happy and can't see why I won't upgrade soon.

Glad to see so many happy upgraders, hope to join you soon!
Kev :D

Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: kitekrazee
Date:10/28/2008 8:26:01 PM

Usually 3rd party extras are to attract new customers. I could have done without most of it but I didn't have any of NI's guitar plugs and anything from Kitcore.

The Izotope plugs are worth more than all of the above. SO far Sony is the only one I know that includes Izotope plugs.

If I could have my choice instead of the above, I would have liked their Seminar Series DVD. (I have the Acid 6 one) Will there be one for 7. Their tutorial DVDs are top notch.

If you have ever noticed all the Sony software has a similar GUI. That's a plus and it's not fancy so it doesn't hog resources.

I think their upgrade pricing is quite fair and hopefully it won't be an annual thing like Sonar and Finale.

Subject:RE: Another happy upgrader
Reply by: gunga
Date:10/28/2008 9:36:56 PM

I'm trying the trial version, and I must say, so far it's working like I had hoped v ersion 6
would. The new media manager hasn't crashed me yet...and everything previews well.
I don't think Acid will ever beat Samplitude (my DAW) on recording and mastering, but I really need it to be an effective and FUN loop station/ sample masher. If the Midi/ VSTi stuff works, I'm in.

And yet, this all should have been addressed in 6, as many others have said.

I'm still weighing the upgrade to AP 7($149) with the upgrading Live Lite to Live 7 ($349). I'm upset with Sony's handling of the Acid product and its customers.


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