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Subject:Plugin chainer not modeless?
Posted by: jbdada
Date:10/1/2008 9:21:23 AM

I upgraded from SF6 to SF9 but am stymied in my attempts to make the Plugin Chainer modeless. In 6 i could load a chain of plugs and then navigate between various data windows without the plugin chainer changing states. In 9, however, if I move focus from one data window to another the plugin chainer has to reload the plugins even if i have the same preset chosen for both windows! Arghhh... I must be missing a setting somewhere. Any ideas, anyone?

Subject:RE: Plugin chainer not modeless?
Reply by: MSK
Date:10/7/2008 9:35:50 AM

I see the same behavior between 6 and 9 when I tested this. Plug-in refreshes when changing focus between data windows but functions like Bypass chain stay enabled between windows.

The help contents state that:
"The Plug-In Chainer is modeless—you can navigate your data windows to change selections or apply effects to a different data window without closing the Plug-In Chainer." Same statement in 6 and 9 help contents.

This is representative of how the application is working for me too. Not sure if I am missing something with your question?

Subject:RE: Plugin chainer not modeless?
Reply by: jbdada
Date:10/10/2008 10:46:19 AM

Thanks for your reply. I guess the upshot of this behavior change is that I'll go back to using 6. I use Waves z-noise with a lot of small files and in 6 i could instantly switch from one file to another but in 9 having to wait for Z-Noise to load each and every time is ridiculously slow.
Oh well, SF9 sucks as afar as i can see.

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