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Subject:Batch Converter- How to Mod?
Posted by: BradlyMusic
Date:9/2/2008 7:54:36 PM

I downloaded the SF9 and SF8 SDKs. I was hoping to make a small mod to the current batch converter, just on the file naming convention. Instead of appending additional text to the current file name, I wanted to add text in front of the current file name.

I couldn't figure out a way, to run the batch converter script within Sound Forge aside from using the DLL included with Sound Forge. So I decided to start reading some of the SDK information where it mentions that the batch converter was created in Visual Studio and saved as a Visual Studio project.

So to make any modifications to the batch converter, I would therefore have to open the project in Visual Studio and then recompile it as a DLL??? Is that correct? Or is there a way to open the source code in the Sound Forge script editor window?

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Subject:RE: Batch Converter- How to Mod?
Reply by: _TJ
Date:9/3/2008 12:17:56 PM

That is correct. The Batch Converter cannot be opened in the Script Editor window and edited (and run) from there.

The Script Editor window can only handle single-file scripts. The batch converter is multiple files.

Also, the user interface of the Batch Converter was built using Visual Studio's interface editor. This makes doing the UI layout a lot easier, but it forces the code to be packaged into a Visual Studio project file.

Now, having a copy of Visual Studio makes editing the Batch Convert a LOT easier, but it isn't a requirement. The Batch converter can still be re-compiled without it.

But, depending on what kind of changes you want to make, there may be an easier way. It is possible to load the Batch Converter dll INTO your own scripts, and call it's methods.

just add

using SoundForge.BatchConverter;

to the top of your script.

There's are two sample scripts that show how. RunBatchJob.cs and BatchRenderSubfolders.cs

Subject:RE: Batch Converter- How to Mod?
Reply by: BradlyMusic
Date:9/3/2008 6:30:19 PM

Thanks TJ.

Currently, I'm doing my "C" learning with UltraEdit as my text editor and I've additionally downloaded MS Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express where I've configured UltraEdit (ie UEStudio) to use Visual Studio's compiler. I'm pretty sure UEStudio supports UI graphics creation, but I really haven't gotten that far on creating UI's yet.....but I run a mean "Hello World!" in a DOS. window now and am able to write equations with variables and constants and such:)~

I'll hold off until my learning curve gets along a little further before attempting to work with a more complex multi file project like the batch converter. I just wanted to make sure my assumptions where correct.

It sounds like I could probably open the batch converter project in MS Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express though....although, learning my way around another editor at this point doesn't sound like a lot of fun. I'm still getting up to speed with UltraEdit. I've got a lot of other things that are more important to learn at this point.....I'm on Day#4 of "Teach yourself C in 21 days" which seems to be one of the longest days of learning I've run into so far in that I've spent about a week on the Day#4 lesson so far. :)

I'll come back to messing around with the batch converter when I get along a little further after I've learned how to work with projects with multiple source code files.

Thanks again for you help!!

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