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Subject:motu midi express crashes ??
Posted by: martin7
Date:8/7/2008 6:03:59 AM

Had a midisport - that caused crashes. So went out and bought a Motu midi express128. Guess what?

At first the crashes occured when using an MCU attatched to the motu - particularly soloing tracks. Today just having the thing hooked up while working with the mouse caused repeated crashes. So turned off the MCU - still crashes. Finally unplugged the USB cable to the Motu and no more crashes. But I need a Midi Interface that Acid doesn't barf all over every time I try to do something. Any ideas?

Subject:RE: motu midi express crashes ??
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:8/7/2008 7:07:28 AM

My midisport works absolutely fine. It has never cause a crash on me. I assume whatever was crashing the midisport is also crashing the MOTU. Perhaps it's something about your USB setup.

I'd recommend going firewire. Get a firewire audio device from M-Audio, Echo, PreSonus, etc. They all make them with MIDI ports. I have an M-Audio FW-410 and a PreSonus FireStudio Project and they both work fine.


Subject:RE: motu midi express crashes ??
Reply by: martin7
Date:8/7/2008 2:59:45 PM

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding the midisport - Peter replied in an eairlier post : I have verified that the MIDI Sport drivers hang and never release upon a crash. This is a driver bug that we notified MAudio about. 2+ years ago. (There are other non crash related scenarios that can also cause the MIDI Sport drivers to hang and force a reboot.)

However, I'm intrigued by the thought that it might be my usb set up. I've got a asus pk5c motherboard (and an intle q6600 cpu) and am runinng xp pro. Where might I look to change the usb setup?

Subject:RE: motu midi express crashes ??
Reply by: gunga
Date:8/7/2008 9:28:25 PM

You probably have the latest driver from MOTU?...I had to get that for the Midi Timepiece.
I'm not sure about the Express, but I had to be sure about my input and output outing, so as not to create a loop...which brings crashes. Plus I'm not terribly Midi savvy,

best, Din

Subject:RE: motu midi express crashes ??
Reply by: martin7
Date:8/8/2008 7:26:45 AM

I've consulted the mout people who can't see why there's a problem. I've checked the cables/connections - ok. Reloaded the driver. Just crashed again. Here's the dump report. I wish I could read these things. I would certainly appreciate it if anyone could:

Sony ACID Pro 6.0
Version 6.0d (Build 363)
Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x4458F10 IP:0xCA016C4
In Module '~WS39.tmp' at Address 0xCA00000 + 0x16C4
Thread: TrackRender ID=0xFC Stack=0x598F000-0x5990000
EAX=0da23132 CS=001b EIP=0ca016c4 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=3f800000 SS=0023 ESP=0598faa0 EBP=00000000
ECX=00008080 DS=0023 ESI=04438bf0 FS=003b
EDX=00004000 ES=0023 EDI=04438d10 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
0CA016C4: D9 04 8F D9 C1 DE D9 DF ........
0CA016CC: E0 F6 C4 05 7B 05 DD D8 ....{...
Stack Dump:
0598FAA0: 044469C4 042E0000 + 1669C4
0598FAA4: 04446618 042E0000 + 166618
0598FAA8: 0598FB50 05890000 + FFB50
0598FAAC: 039F4668 037E0000 + 214668
0598FAB0: 00000000
0598FAB4: 00000000
0598FAB8: 3F800000
0598FABC: 00000000
0598FAC0: 00000000
0598FAC4: 00000000
0598FAC8: 00000000
0598FACC: 00000000
0598FAD0: 00000000
0598FAD4: 00000000
0598FAD8: 04439920 042E0000 + 159920
0598FADC: 04439920 042E0000 + 159920
> 0598FAF4: 1C40BEBF 1C400000 + BEBF (RVox.dll)
> 0598FB54: 1C40D2F4 1C400000 + D2F4 (RVox.dll)
> 0598FB68: 1C40C920 1C400000 + C920 (RVox.dll)
> 0598FB84: 1C422D88 1C400000 + 22D88 (RVox.dll)
> 0598FB8C: 3106ACC1 30EC0000 + 1AACC1 (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FBC0: 3106A9B4 30EC0000 + 1AA9B4 (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FBEC: 3106AA9A 30EC0000 + 1AAA9A (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FC10: 310698C9 30EC0000 + 1A98C9 (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FC1C: 3106ADF5 30EC0000 + 1AADF5 (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FC34: 37D35E34 37CB0000 + 85E34 (sftrkfx1.dll)
> 0598FC40: 37CB9CBE 37CB0000 + 9CBE (sftrkfx1.dll)
> 0598FC54: 37CB9F51 37CB0000 + 9F51 (sftrkfx1.dll)
> 0598FC6C: 3106ACC1 30EC0000 + 1AACC1 (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FCA0: 30F294E4 30EC0000 + 694E4 (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FCBC: 30F2B88F 30EC0000 + 6B88F (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FD28: 30F2C302 30EC0000 + 6C302 (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FD54: 3111FF48 30EC0000 + 25FF48 (acid60k.dll)
> 0598FD60: 0051FA54 00400000 + 11FA54 (acid60.exe)
0598FD64: 00000001
0598FD68: 0D568020 0D4C0000 + A8020
0598FD6C: 003A1C75 003A0000 + 1C75
0598FD70: 00000800
> 0598FDDC: 005216E5 00400000 + 1216E5 (acid60.exe)
0598FDE0: 001433F0 00140000 + 33F0
0598FDE4: 00000000
0598FDE8: 003A1C75 003A0000 + 1C75
0598FDEC: 00000000
> 0598FE84: 007E7238 00400000 + 3E7238 (acid60.exe)
0598FE88: 012E64D0 01260000 + 864D0
0598FE8C: 00000000
0598FE90: 00000000
0598FE94: 00000800
> 0598FEAC: 0052B346 00400000 + 12B346 (acid60.exe)
0598FEB0: 001433F0 00140000 + 33F0
0598FEB4: 012E64D0 01260000 + 864D0
0598FEB8: 003A1C75 003A0000 + 1C75
0598FEBC: 00000000
> 0598FEF8: 007E7238 00400000 + 3E7238 (acid60.exe)
> 0598FF00: 0052B499 00400000 + 12B499 (acid60.exe)
- - -
0598FFF0: 00000000
0598FFF4: 0052B610 00400000 + 12B610 (acid60.exe)
0598FFF8: 001433F0 00140000 + 33F0
0598FFFC: 00000000

Subject:RE: motu midi express crashes ??
Reply by: gunga
Date:8/8/2008 7:41:17 AM

Martin, this may be totally off base, but I was getting a lot of crashes when I installed 6.0d, especially when using the Media Manager. Even using the mouse in the project window would cause instability.
I recall uninstalling and reinstalling Acid without the Media Manager and I've had a much better experience. Occasional crashes only.

You can deselect Media manager in the preferences and see if that helps. This was months ago for me...

Cheers, Din

Subject:RE: motu midi express crashes ??
Reply by: martin7
Date:8/8/2008 8:51:55 AM

I've actually done that. My latest thing is to take away then readd vsts. This may be it as it's been stable so far with just acid plug ins.

Subject:RE: motu midi express crashes ??
Reply by: pwppch
Date:8/8/2008 9:55:02 AM

From the look of the dump, some plug-in appears to be causing this.

It appears that a plug-in on a track is causing this. Specifically a Waves plug-in. (RVox.dll)

What plug-ins are you using and where are you using them?


Subject:RE: motu midi express crashes ??
Reply by: martin7
Date:8/9/2008 12:27:10 AM

That's the one! I've been using it on track level but took it out and so far no problems. Sorry for the hub bub.

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