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Subject:Extract and Encode Script: Need Slight Mod
Posted by: BradlyMusic
Date:8/6/2008 10:29:24 PM

I have a large project, where I'm ripping about 300 CDs to my hard drive into individual Track .Wav files.

The included Extract and Encode Script in Sound Forge is "almost" perfect for my needs. What I want to it possible to not have Sound Forge Open the Wave editor window view after it extracts a CD Track? The CDs I'm ripping have 80-99 tracks on them each. I just want them to be Ripped from the CD and put directly to my Hard Drive in .Wav format. Then automatically named by the Track number with an added file descriptor, like the Script does.

The problem with the script for me, is that now I have 90 plus Windows open in Sound Forge that I have to individually close out and each one of these Windows prompts me if I want to save that becomes a big pain and it now takes me more time and clicking like a mad man to close the windows out then it takes me to extract the CD Tracks.

Right now to avoid this, I installed Musicmatch Jukebox, which does the job...but for some reason it seems extremely slow on extracting the tracks compared to what I'm used to in Sound Forge. It seems to be taking me about 30 minutes per CD in Musicmatch right now.

I don't know anything about scripting....but I'm wondering if one of you programming types can let me know if this is possible....and even modify the script for me? :)

Also automatically selecting ALL the tracks would be nice too. That would save me up to 99 extra mouse clicks since you have to individually click on each track.

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Subject:RE: Extract and Encode Script: Need Slight Mo
Reply by: rraud
Date:8/7/2008 8:50:30 AM

Unless you haven't already, try posting in the "Sound Forge-Scripting" forum, maybe someone has.. or can write a script.

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Subject:RE: Extract and Encode Script: Need Slight Mo
Reply by: BradlyMusic
Date:8/7/2008 9:54:10 AM

^^^Oops...I thought that is where I did post it....but found it wasn't there today when, I checked back for a reply.....I obviously made a bonehead mistake and posted in the wrong forum. Thanks!!!

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