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Subject:Dialog Normalization?
Posted by: Robert W
Date:6/29/2008 7:12:17 AM

I am encoding a music concert 5.1 mix. I have noticed in the DOlby AC3 pro codec that there is a "Dialog Normalization" box that defaults at -27db in the Surround Music preset.

What exactly does this do? I am concerned because my centre channel is much lower in level than the rest of the mix and I do not want it to get boosted or the rest of the signals get significantly altered in level as a result.

I have also noticed there are some other level adjustments in the submenus. What exactly are these all about? Do they actually change the signal, or do they just encode pointers in the event the mix is collapsed to stereo or something like that? I don't want to go ruining my great mix in the encode!

Can anybody enlighten me?



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