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Subject:Acid and Windows XP x64
Posted by: jjbraunius
Date:5/1/2008 9:44:15 AM

Does anyone know if Acid should work on x64? My Acid 4.0 works fine but Media Manager crashes upon install of 6.0 d. The Kontakt lite version also crashes and won't install completely.

Subject:RE: Acid and Windows XP x64
Reply by: gunhed508
Date:5/3/2008 1:37:47 PM

Yes - I just set up a new system with XP Pro x64. I've had a few stumbling blocks along the way, but I had no problems installing Acid Pro 6 and Kontakt. There was one minor error message that popped up during the AP6 install about Media Manager, but it appears to be functioning. Kontakt pulled up and seemed to function (I chose an instrument and clicked keys and got sound, etc.). In the past, a lot of times, I've seen Acid freak out when the sound card drivers are outdated or poorly written (quality varies by manufacturer). Double-check your sound drivers and try to get the latest versions downloaded from the manufacturer's web site and installed.

For me, this is a new install, and I have not yet installed many of the VST instruments I plan to use, so I'm hoping there will be no issues there.

Best of luck!

Subject:RE: Acid and Windows XP x64
Reply by: jjbraunius
Date:5/5/2008 12:47:42 AM

gunhed508, thanks for your response.

I have Acid running but Media Manager gives me an error when starting the program.
I have tried Kontakt from my other DAW and it is crapping out. The installation of Kontakt also took a dive.
I am on Presonus Firepod which seems to have pretty stable drivers on Windows XP x64.

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