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Subject:BPM <70?
Posted by: mosspa1
Date:3/4/2008 10:56:55 PM

I've recently gotten into trip hop and am wondering how I get a tempo less than 70 BPM?


Subject:RE: BPM <70?
Reply by: Stunads
Date:3/4/2008 11:32:30 PM

I am assuming you have Acid Pro 6.0d?

To do so in this version:

Go to:

1. Options-->
2. Preferences-->
3. Editing-->
4. Project Tempo Range...
5. Edit the box with the minimum tempo range (<70 B.P.M.).
6. Click Apply
7. Click O.K.

Acid Pro 6.0d allows you to make tracks in the range of 40 - 300 Beats Per Minute.

Not sure about other versions though...

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