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Subject:Acid Pro won't open .MOV???
Posted by: Sonakinesis
Date:3/3/2008 7:43:25 PM

Hi all. For some reason Acid Pro 5.0c (and 5.0b) will NOT open a .MOV video. Has anyone else had this problem? I emailed customer support a week ago. Still no word from them.
This particular .MOV was burned to CD from Final Cut Pro (Mac). It opens just fine in Quicktime, but while AcidPro will open the audio track, I get this message on the video track: stream attributes could not be determined.
This is the 4th attempt to get this video into AcidPro. Anyone have any helpful info on this?

Thanks, Marc

Subject:RE: Acid Pro won't open .MOV???
Reply by: Martian
Date:3/4/2008 3:15:11 AM

I have the same problem in Acid 6.0d. I got the newest quicktime player, but it keeps telling me to find the latest version. Even though I installed it several times it still doesn´t work.

Subject:RE: Acid Pro won't open .MOV???
Reply by: Sonakinesis
Date:3/4/2008 4:20:23 AM

So this is a problem with Quicktime? I have noticed the same behavior that you mentioned with Quicktime recently. Any problems with .avi, or .wmv? I'll see if Final Cut can export to one of those.
Interesting that there is absolutely no info in the knowledge base about this (Sony). Also they have never bothered to reply to my tech support request about this.


Subject:RE: Acid Pro won't open .MOV???
Reply by: Kennymusicman
Date:3/4/2008 4:38:42 AM

.mov is justy a container - what CODEC are you actually using to produce the movie files.?

Sorensen 3 tends to be a farily reliable solution often for me, much more so than modern h264/mp4 solutions.

And the recent quicktime updates were "bumpf"

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