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Posted by: Huge Headboards
Date:2/6/2008 5:22:34 AM


I'd really like to use the scripting part of sound forge - I'm a knowledgeable SF user and what I really need is a book called "How to script in Sony Soundforge"

Is there one available? Ir can someone please point me in the direction of a getting started guide?

I can program in VB and ASP if that helps....

Thanks in advance.


Subject:RE: Newbie
Reply by: Jonny V
Date:3/26/2008 5:51:15 AM

I'm a newbie too Hugh, but if you have a grasp of vb you should be fine as the scripting tool supports this - as well as javascript and c#
I didn't know anything other than a smattering of javascript and c++, but even I have managed a quite complex script in c# by looking at examples of c# and reading alot about object oriented programming! There is a bit of a learning curve obviously, but the results for me have been amazing - reducing processing times by hours! and saving on RSI ;)


Subject:RE: Newbie
Reply by: Huge Headboards
Date:6/24/2008 1:01:13 PM

Thanks for the reply Jon.

However, I'm afraid to say it doesn't help me a lot! Can the forum moderator please put up a sticky for newbies - this is worse than the Mornington Crescent game - it seems you can only find out more if you know it in the first place. It's not asking a lot - I purchased the software and I just have no idea where to start.

I need to know....where to start, what programming language to write to do it!

This seems like a very powerful piece of the soundforge jigsaw and yet even on the Sony site and in the help section, there is just no information on how to actually get started.....

Would appreciate some help!



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