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Subject:Music Studio 6.0 Vs 7.0
Posted by: debaser
Date:1/12/2008 11:49:54 AM

i have windows vista/music studio 6.0 and want to upgrade to 7.0 since it supports vista. however, my 2 friends who i record with and go back and forth working on the same project will be keeping 6.0 as they have xp.

i emailed tech support a week ago and no response: my question is will i have any compatibility issues if i record tracks in 7.0 will they be able to open up and edit in their 6.0 version?

i have soundblaster x-fi and use line 6 toneport ux2.


Subject:RE: Music Studio 6.0 Vs 7.0
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:1/12/2008 6:12:20 PM

Version 6 users won't be able to open version 7 .acd or .acd-zip files. However, if you save your tracks as .wav files then they will be able to open those.

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