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Subject:5.1 Periodic loss of sound
Posted by: Chuck97
Date:1/4/2008 10:13:05 AM

I am new to encoding AC3 files for DVD production. I am converting stereo .WAV
files from Avid Express Dv into surround sound. I easilly and successfully produced 8 surround tracks for eight clips, but the last two have a nasty problem:
every second or so the sound fades away completely, and then returns. So
while I get the sound out of all the 5 speakers (I deselect the LFE option) on my
5.1 test rig, it fades in and out continuously.

When I look at the surround matrix diagram, I keep it at the default, the little dot is at the center of the 5 speakers. I assume this means "convert stereo to 5.1". But there are a variety of audio settings in "Preferences". Is there some obvious goof here that someone recognizes? I am not sure what most of the audio options will do.

Thanks for any help!

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