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Subject:SF Batch strips artist and all titles from MP3s
Date:12/27/2007 2:24:12 PM

Happy New Year everyone,

I'm trying to use the Batch Converter to run Mastering Limiter on a bunch of MP3 files at once. The problem is, when I do, it strips all the embedded information out and re-converts the bit rate, renderring the file larger and without any useful information to show up on my players.

I start by adding the files or folders, then I add the Mastering limiter. I don't write anything at all or make any changes under Metadata.

For Save Options, under File Format, I've tried both Same as Source (strips data and changes everything to 256kbps) and Convert To.

When using Convert To, I've tried setting the type as MP3 and setting the Template at the same setting as the original file (Strips all the data and I'm suspecting it is running a conversion stage and just putting it at the same kbps as it was already in).

Uner File Names, I'm using Same as Source, and under File Folder, I'm stipulating a the place I want the new data to end up.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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