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Subject:FX stuck in demo mode in 9.0c
Posted by: Trev Wilkins
Date:12/5/2007 10:36:57 AM

As the title says but this is only the 'normal' effects such as reverb, chorus, dynamics etc. I've installed to a new machine and registered with no problems. Wave Hammer and Noise Reduction seem OK . Does the V7 fix apply to V9?
I'm trying to use this in a professional studio after years of sticking with SF but feel my money may go elsewhere in the future. My last tech support request hasn't been answered so hopefully the forum can help on this one.



Subject:RE: FX stuck in demo mode in 9.0c
Reply by: Trev Wilkins
Date:12/10/2007 7:44:49 AM

In addition to the fx problem my AC3 encoder wouldn't work and the support reply was to completely remove all Sony software and Microsoft.NET etc, then remove all registry keys and reinstall from scratch using the latest versions (well that's the quick overview of it anyway). I have spent a morning doing this and it appears to have cured all of the problems at once.

The Izotope package seemed to have disappeared but I later found it as a separate download on the SF update page (my memory isgetting worse).

Fingers crossed this will all now work!

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