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Subject:auto name regions and markers
Posted by: sophocles
Date:9/29/2007 9:44:35 AM

Any way to separate those two options? I want to do different things with markers than with regions, so it's great to have it on for one, but bad for the other.

Example: I want to add markers to possible points for deletion or inspection, but don't really need to name them - just a temporary way to note something; or to define an edit in or out point; again, no need to name, and it's annoying to have the auto naming pop up.

But regions I usually want to mark as tracks exported to CD Architect, or for something of a more permanent nature, and autonaming is awfully nice rather than going back to name them, or switching over to the regions editor.

And since I'm often switching between functions, there is no winning option.

Any way to get this to work as in 8?


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