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Subject:Please explain psd. custom menus....
Posted by: cyberdiety
Date:9/20/2007 12:10:47 PM

I and my team consider ourselves reasonably intelligent, but the DVD Architect 4 is kicking our butts! The manual is horrendously vague about incorporating Custom Layered psd.'s in as menus (among other things.) I have a complete set of layered menus that worked well in a now defunct program. In order to take advantage of our 5.1 soundtrack we opted for DVDA4.

What should be a simple matter of renaming layers to suit DVDA has turned into a gigantic PIA. Initially, we inserted the psd. as a menu with the layers renamed according to the 'instructions' but couldn't get our simple navigation buttons to work. We tried exporting as a theme and that didn't do anything but put in a black background. We tried putting in the menu as a 'submenu' but got 'broken' link messages. I figured it was because we had nothing to link them to, yet was stumped that our link buttons showed up in that section but did not in the main menu despite using the exact naming procedures outlined in the manual. We then looked to override it all and go into 'scripts', but the instructions were more vague than in the menu section.

So how do you put in custom menus? We figured it out with the presets, but that's not what my firm invested in this program for. Help!

Subject:RE: Please explain psd. custom menus....
Reply by: Beanie
Date:9/24/2007 6:36:23 PM

i also spent ages trying to figure this out until i came across a pdf help file available from sony regarding exactly this topic. in fact its a guide to the new features available when v2 came out but its all still essentially the same

towards the end of the pdf is a blow-by-blow tutorial on importing layered psd files - it gives screenshots of basic examples so you can't go wrong.

best of luck

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